Apple’s Newsstand is proving to be a big hit, both with those who own iPads and iPhones and with those behind the magazines and newspapers themselves.

New figures released by the people behind Popular Science show just how big a difference to subscriber numbers Newsstand has made. In the wake of iOS 5 and Newsstand’s release, Popular Science has seen its subscribers jump by around 4,000, and its customer base continues to grow…

In the weeks since iOS 5 was introduced, Popular Science’s reader numbers have jumped from 28,300 to 40,700, which is a considerable increase. While still short of the numbers garnered by the paper version, the Newsstand-powered version of Popular Science has seen significant increases in sales, mainly thanks to the increased visibility afforded by the introduction of Newsstand.

This is not the first time we have had reports of stellar sales thanks to Newsstand. We recently heard how Condé Nast was seeing increased weekly subscriptions to each of its digital magazines, also thanks to the addition of Newsstand in iOS 5.

Tablets like Apple’s iPad are not quite ready to replace paper-based newspapers and magazines, but if the industry is forced to take note by increased sales in the medium, then that can only be a good thing for the future. As tablets become cheaper, lighter, and more accessible, it may only be a matter of time before tablets become the way to read our daily and monthly periodicals.


  • apple’s newsstand app can’t be hidden, even can’t be moved to a folder. its always there, kind of forcing to use it. there are words for this apples typically strategy. apple users do, what apple want to, windows users do, what they want to

    • Anonymous

      You can jailbreak your iDevice and download tweaks to hide it if you really hate apple’s way of controlling. That’s why people jailbreak their devices.

      • i don’t hate apple, they do great products.i like my ipod, but i also do like freedom as much as apple likes money. reading magazines or books on an ipod isn’t so much comfortable, so don’t do it. and i know about jailbreak tweaks (but apple tries to stop it too right?)

      • Anonymous

        there is tethered jailbreak available for your ipod touch. Anyway tethered jailbreak rocks, my ipod touch doesnt even reboot at all after a few weeks with the jailbreak.

    • You can put it in a folder…there was even a post on here about it

  • Anonymous

    You can move it to a folder and you certainly don’t need to jailbreak if you want it off your home screen. Just drag an app onto another to create a folder and as it’s opening the new folder you drag newsstand into it quickly and it will let you put it in.

    • you can’t move newsstand into a folder as i said. try it, if you don’t believe.

      • You can ..take 2 apps and make a folder .when the folder is being created move newsstand in to it ….there was a post on here about how to do it

      • Click my name to open twitter and have a look at the picture on there…NEWSSTAND IN A FOLDER

      • doesn’t work on my ipod. iOS 5.0.1. Newsstand does not go into the folder.

      • It will…you need to be quick…move icon over other icon to make the folder is being made you need to move newsstand in to the need to be quick though…

  • Anonymous

    Don’t buy it, Newstand is not that good.