iPhone docks are usually pretty straight-forward accessories. Some have attached speakers, some have built-in alarm clocks, and some even have external screens to watch videos.

But the BodyGuard by ArmStar, as you can see in the above picture, is anything but usual. This wearable iPhone dock is made from kevlar armor and contains several crime-fighting gadgets…

Although it may look like a prop from the latest Batman movie, the BodyGuard is actually a real iPhone accessory. On top of holding/charging your iPhone or iPod touch, the armored sleeve also contains a flashlight, camera, and — get this — a stun gun.

Here’s how it works:

“The user can deter a person by pressing the pressure button in the palm of the glove, activating the demonstration electrodes which make a loud sparking sound. If aggressor escalates the situation, the officer has the option of placing the stun electrodes in direct contact with the agressor, in which case the pressure button will now activate the stun electrodes and deliver high voltage to the agressor in attempt to bring them into compliance.”

Although this thing looks awesome, don’t expect to see one at your local Radio Shack anytime soon. The target audience of the BodyGuard appears to be members of the military and law enforcement.

However, if you’re interested in the BodyGuard for personal use, it looks like you can request a quote from the ArmStar’s website. Although we’re still not quite sure what a civilian would do with something like this.

What do you think of the BodyGuard iPhone dock?


  • Anonymous

    I don’t care how impractical this looks, I want one

  • Anonymous

    do not fuk with us!

  • This looks……..just Epic

  • Steve

    do want.

  • Steve

    do want.

  • this remember me… POWER RANGERS! fuck yeah

  • Dear Santa…

  • stas kazanovich

    Damn, it definitely will be the weapon of batman on the next movie…

  • i want one….even if it cost me thousands

  • Anonymous

    Wow shockingly awesome

    Get it shockingly hmm

  • Why is it a iPhone with pre 4.0 on it…

  • Anonymous

    Did I really read this?

  • Your going to have to take this thing off to wipe your tush!

    • Prathik Nair

      in all honestly, i dont want to wear that thing around in public.