We told you about the release of Flipboard’s highly-anticpated iPhone app last night, and the release has been rocking the blogosphere this morning. Flipboard is such a big deal that even Apple’s own Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller, has endorsed the app on his public Twitter account.

Flipboard’s success on the iPad is also phenomenal, as the app has already been download 4.5 million times and is currently installed on 1 in every 10 iPads.

Apple’s head of marketing tweeted “new Flipboard app for iPhone is very nice” from his verified Twitter account. Schiller has been a VP at Apple for years and was considered one of Steve Jobs’ right-hand men.

The Next Web also reports that Flipboard’s iPad reading app has been downloaded a staggering 4.5 million times since its release:

McCue [Flipboard CEO] took to the stage to talk to Loic Le Meur about the launch of the Flipboard iPhone application this morning. Speaking about the company’s growth, the Flipboard CEO said that the company had secured $60 million in funding to develop just one app for the iPad  – helping to bring the amazing content platform to the iPhone many months later.

Flipboard’s iPhone app takes many cues from its iPad predecessor, but it also introduces Cover Stories, a new take on consuming content from a mobile device.

With Flipboard for iPhone we’re introducing Cover Stories — one place to quickly catch up on some of the most interesting news, updates and photos being shared with you right now. The more you interact with your friends and the stories being shared, the smarter Cover Stories gets. You can refine what appears here by adding content to your Flipboard, muting anyone you’d rather not hear from, and connecting to your social networks. Cover Stories will be coming to your iPad in the near future.

If you haven’t already done so, download Flipboard for iPhone and try it out. It’s a refreshing take on reading the web, and you can aggregate all of your social networks, like Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook, in one place.

Now that you’ve played with Flipboard on the iPhone for a little while, what do you think? Is it already your default reading app?

  • Mark Griffioen

    Looks like I’m not the only one having trouble setting this up. The app times out every time you tell it to “Build” in the initial setup process.

    • Anonymous

      yea im having the same issue.really annoying too being that i want to really try this thing out..hope they get it working again soon!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t setup an account. I thought I couldn’t use WiFi to set it up but even on 3G I get the same problem.

    • Anonymous

      they tweeted about it..
      @Flipboard says: “Due to high demand, our service is currently down, we are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.”

      • Anonymous

        Thank you for the info.

      • Anonymous

        No Problem

  • Yes, this is now my main reading app. If it weren’t for a few things, it could completely replace both tweetbot and Facebook.

  • Me to it wont connect???

  • It would be a really great reader if all of the articles weren’t 100% socialist anti-capitalist anti-American anti-Israeli drivel. I kept expecting to see articles from Pravda or Al’jazera. Their so called news sources are the most extreme left leaning you can find on the web. I can see why the app is free. If the authors made a dime off it they’d feel so guilty for making a profit they’d have to kill themselves.

    • Sorry, I flipped to the next page and voila! an article from Al’jazeera. Who runs this thing? The Taliban? Algore?

  • I find it great it is not yet my default reading app but it could become so in a few time, i find the interface beautiful

  • Anonymous

    there’s one thing which is slowly turning me off Flipboard – lack of orientation support. its perfect in portrait mode to flip through various stories but when those stories are just links to websites you can’t then switch orientation to suit the website, unless you open up safari, which kind of defeats the point of a one app viewer.