What better way to start the day than doing an app giveaway?

This week, we have 4 apps to give away, which equals a total of 32 promo codes. We’re not asking you to do anything special to win one of these codes. All you have to do is be fast, because they won’t be here for long…

As usual, it’s first come first served, as these codes can only be used once. Not sure how to use them? Make sure to see our tutorial on how to redeem a promo code.

Note that these codes are for the US only. This is Apple’s policy, not ours.


TrueCaller blocks incoming calls and notifies you before you answer your phone. With a database containing over 1,000,000 reported spam numbers where 260,000 numbers are in the United States you receive a notification that indicates that the number comes from an unsupported source and you can choose whether or not you would like to answer.

  • P9L4K3A3MNAP
  • 4L964JFJNJMY
  • W736EJ39RW6W

TrueCaller is available in the App Store for $0.99.

Special Text Tones

With Special Text Tones you have the ultimate weapon to customize your text tones. You can choose between a mix of cool sound-effects, voice-alerts, and musical tones to give your phone that special touch when you get a text message.

  • AH3P637W4JW9

Download Special Text Tones in the App Store for $0.99.


iCarMode is a new application for iPhone which tries to facilitate the use of the main functions that are commonly used while driving: music, contacts, GPS, and phone, but wrapped in an enlarged, simple, and intuitive interface more suited to this situation, making the use of the iPhone while driving safer.

  • KR3MK64W7T3F
  • 6JLN7FMYT3W9

iCarMode sells in the App Store for $1.99.


Remix your life with MadPad! Turn everyday sights and sounds like your car, an empty soda can, or your friends into the ultimate percussive instrument.

  • R97Y7EH4WJYW

MadPad can be found in the App Store for $0.99.

  • Santi Hervella

    Shit, never get them on time…

  • Sam Iceton

    i hate these things, i jut feel left out

  • Tanju Hasan

    Hell yeah ! Got 2, thanks iDB!

  • 🙁 -Note that these codes are for the US only.

  • Don’t bother entering the codes. None of them work!!!

  • Don’t bother entering the codes. None of them work!!!

  • The madpad code PAPPA6KYPWWX is invalid.

  • damn oh well maybe next time

  • Fuck this is shit.. fake codes

  • Here are more codes for MadPad








    ENJOY : )

    • Kok Hean

      I redeemed the app using the code HJ9FNHXYN9PH 🙂

    • Benjamin Hoover

      All used 🙁

    • Ty used one of them not sure i was in too big of hurry to remember

  • Oh iDownloadblog you sneaky so-and-so I turn my back for five minutes and you go and do another giveaway. Be warned I won’t let this happen again

  • Oh iDownloadblog you sneaky so-and-so I turn my back for five minutes and you go and do another giveaway. Be warned I won’t let this happen again

  • Thank you iDB!!!! You guys ROCK!!!! And i’ll be rocking on MadPad shortly!!!

  • double chin

    U tards are full of crap. U know damn well u give your friends and family the promo codes before u even post it. The tweet is not even 30 seconds old and it’s already been used? U guys are just as bad as the pirates u rant about.

    • Anonymous

      Thing is, you’re full of crap. Don’t go ranting when myself and others have received working apps from these codes, and posted about it.

      Also, you forgot to put in consideration a few things- the amount of people that read iDB, and the fact that the post was made before the tweet, for instance.

      Also, where the hell did you get the idea that they share the promo codes with others before posting them? They’ve had working promos before, giveaways (successful, by the way), and a generally successful site and good posts overall. Why ruin that reputation?

  • I’ll out more up in 30min.

    • Can You Give Me A Promo Code Here: MajdFhailyLebanon[at]Gmail[dot]com

  • ill try all the codes ..its all been used already….