We may have just found the perfect Christmas gift for your fellow iPad user. The iDrive is a steering wheel mount for your iPad, and it looks incredible.

When you’re driving, it’s hard to use your iPad to its full potential. You’re limited by awkward, unnecessary things, like having to focus on the road or eat your breakfast. That’s where the iDrive comes in, and you’ll never know how you lived without it.

Introducing the iDrive – a new way to stay connected to the world around you through your favorite devices – all while operating the vehicles you love!  Enjoy a good book on a leisurely motorcycle ride, shoot up killer robots on the way to work, or surf the internet while mountain biking.  With iDrive, you rule the road.

If you can see yourself using the iDrive on your steering wheel, then you’re in luck. For the holidays, the makers of the iDrive are selling their product for only $8! That’s an insane deal for such a functional accessory.

The possibilities are endless: reading the Steve Jobs biography, playing Angry Birds HD, surfing the web, catching up on email, watching Netflix — all this can be done while driving thanks to the iDrive.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, this product is fake. Like, really fake. It’s made of cardboard and ink. The box it comes in is about the size of a phonebook. The perfect white elephant gift!

And if you thought that the iDrive was actually a good idea, you should probably never drive on public roads.


  • lol

  • Anonymous

    Darn, you had me going for a second there.

  • If this product is real then your face would look like an iPad when accident happened (imagine you are in one of “Tom and Jerry” episodes)

  • Khye Tee Lau

    And if the airbag activated during an accidents…Ouch!!

  • Surf Read Work and Crash!!

  • Jacob Karlsson

    Yeah and then you die.. wtf is this?

    • have u read the whole article u dumbass

      • Anonymous

        [sarcasm]hav u takn grammer lessens u dumbass[/sarcasm]

        Grammar Nazis ftw.

  • Anonymous

    You almost had me, until I saw the calculator.

  • Dan

    yeah I was thinking wtf

  • Thomas Gehman

    I thought “really…” Then “…cool!” Then “wait…..Angry Birds?!?”.

  • I was going to buy it for my boss : )

  • how is this legal? is it a joke, im too lazy to check..

    • Dan

      of course it’s a joke

  • I liked the idea until I realized it was fake. Oh yeah, air bags.

  • what’s next iAirbag from the iPad !!

  • lol how u supposed to honk ur car? what about the air bag? the iPad is gonna slam u in ur face if u get in an accident lol