Get Your Free Copy of “Where’s My Water” for iOS Now

By , Nov 30, 2011

Apple is feeling generous these days, so take advantage of it while it lasts. Just like it did not too long ago with Jetpack Joyride, Apple is currently giving away promo codes for another hit game, Where’s My Water, the Disney app that usually sells for $0.99 in the App Store.

All you have to do is to go to Apple’s Facebook page, ‘like’ it, and get a promo code to redeem the app in the App Store…

If you’re not sure how to do that, you can always check our tutorial on how to redeem promo codes in the App Store. Supplies are apparently limited, so hurry up!

As usual, this is US only. Not our fault. It’s Apple’s rules.

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  • David Morones

    oh my goodness i can’t believe i actually got something this time!!!

  • David Morones

    ok this is ridicules i just got like four codes

    • Tha Penh

      hi David, can u email me one code please im not able to access the fb page, much appreciated.

      • David Morones

        Im a little late but there you go

    • Arthur Eldo Silva Lima

      Email me too please, i need a code

      • David Morones


  • Marko Crnoglavac

    Im from Serbia and i cant redeem code can someone pls send me one redeem code my mail is

    • Sebastien

      It’s US only

      • Marko Crnoglavac

        I have US store accaunt :)

      • Kok Hean

        It works for the Singapore iTunes Store 😀

      • Vishvesh Raval

        Its not for us only.i m in india and i have downloaded it.outside us , you have to copy n paste the code.if it tries to redeem directly , it shows error.but if you copy n paste then it works fine.

  • Richard Brooks

    now I’m just waiting for Junk Jack to be free lol

  • Tha Penh

    can someone email me a code please I’m not able to access the apple fb page. much appreciated.

  • Anonymous

    I am such a freebie :O

  • オリジナル R

    Bullshit about this being US-only. I just got a code to redeem, I live in the UK and it worked on a UK account. So yeah, it works outside of the USA it seems.

  • Dan

    Not for Canada :(

    • Kelvin Hong

      I’m in Canada and it works fine?

  • Austin Steffen

    YES! Thank you iDB for letting me know

  • Alex

    No love for Canada? Et tu apple?

  • Quinton Zefferiah Luck

    Works in British Columbia, Which I recall is in Canada

  • Milo Peng

    im frm singapore and i can redeem

  • Anonymous

    Can I get a code please

  • Anonymous

    thanks idownloadblog..!! 😀
    d/wng Where’s my water..!! 😀

  • Seyha Rasengan

    hi everyone, i cant connect to facebook apple pages, pl send me d redeems code….i really thx u guys an adavance, this is my email…..

  • Reaz Morshed

    Somebody plz give me a code? here is my email:

  • Vishvesh Raval

    Who told this is only available In us.i am in india and just downloaded it.

  • Shane

    I don’t think it’s US only. I have a Thai Account and it worked. YAY! for free apps :)

  • iphoneglance

    Do you know why apple is having these random giveaway. Because they aren’t doing the 25 days of Christmas giveaway this year.

  • Hoon Ali

    It says something went wrong, sniff
    Anyone care to mail me a code at

    • kull


  • Mauricio Lima

    Dudes, everybody can use proxy to get the code, i’m from brazil and just had got the code.

    • Érico Gonçalves

      I’m from Brazil too and, even with proxy, it doesn’t work for me… como você fez cara?

      • Antonio José Gadelha

        vcs podem me ajudar, n consigo de jeito nenhum

  • kull

    Have one, probably going to text my friend one to

  • Jobran


  • Vishva Vaid

    Works perfectly in UK-England, same with Jetpack joyride, thanks for the info, love to idb

  • Njm Alryiadh


  • Kevin rivas

    If you want promo codes!! Just follow me on twitter and give me your email and I’ll send you the code!!! USA only!!

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  • עבד ותד

    Nice game

  • Badbid Below

    Finally obtained a copy

  • Marwan Tawfiq Algharabli


  • Marwan Tawfiq Algharabli

    crazy game

  • fffd