Are you a dude who plays video games and owns a pet? Then congratulations, you’re the typical iPad owner.

Marketing firm BlueKai has quantified the typical iPad buyer based on marketer surveys and other data from similar firms, like comScore. There’s a handy infographic for you to determine if you fall into the statistics…

College graduates and married couples are the least likely to buy an iPad. Is it because they have more important things to do?

And how many of you are scientists? Leave a comment and please impress us.


  • I’m a male pet owner gamer. I’m typing this on an iPad 2

    • Me too.

      • Anonymous

        Same here, but I have a degree in psychology….working on phd now…

  • Anonymous

    I buy video games and have pets….but I own an Android tablet.

    • What are u doing here anyway ?

      • Anonymous

        Just because I own an Android Tablet doesn’t mean that I hate iOS.

  • shannonw6290

    Where do they get this info from? I’m a female who hates video games and loves my iPad. Nothing in the middle applies to me either. Ah well.

    • Anonymous

      Do you hate pets too??

  • Ignacio Irigoyen

    Right on the money!!!! at least on my case :p

  • Dan

    well I’m a male university graduate who’s married, has a pet and play video games. I guess I fall into the category, but from their graphic, it seems like everybody is likely to get one lol