Netflix has just announced its new iPad app design, and it looks awesome. The layout looks much cleaner and optimized for the iPad’s display, and the ugly whitespace from the former design has been replaced with an elegant, dark interface.

This redesign comes alongside a revamp of Netflix’s Android app, and the design is expected to hit the iPad in “the coming weeks.”

For comparison, here’s the current design:

Much better, yes?

  • EONS better!

  • Now if they could only get some decent movies available for streaming…

  • Does the iPhone or android one look the same?

  • I love that breaking bad is up there

  • Who cares on how it looks, they ripped everyone off and they suck. Last month they had all the South Park episodes and now they took them down. Soon Netflix will only be for kids.

    • ‘South Park’ is still there until May 29, 2012 & there’s PLENTY of content on Netflix that no child should see.

  • Anonymous

    Netflix app needs disc queue management.