If there was ever any doubt about just how seriously Apple is taking the transition from the ‘trucks’ of the old generation, MacBooks and Macs, to the new generation of touch-enabled iOS devices, then this should end it. According to a report by 9to5Mac, Apple is planning to change the way it operates its Genius Bar, by incorporating the iPad into its workflow.

Currently, Apple’s staff use MacBook Pros to help diagnose issues and then work to rectify them, but it would appear that the company will now begin using iPads running custom software.

The change sees Apple replace its own premium notebooks with tablets, offering increased portability to the technical customer service process…

Apple’s MacBook Pros currently run a piece of software called GCRM, and it is expected that the new iPad system will also run a similar piece of software allowing Geniuses to check the current warranty state for Apple products, check them in for repair, and check the entire history of Apple products using their unique serial number.

One of the advantages of moving from MacBook Pros to iPads is the increased portability offered by the tablets. Currently, Geniuses are tethered to the Genius Bar, often creating a bottleneck for customer traffic. With an iPad in tow, staff will be able to move around the store, offering help anywhere without the need to be behind a desk.

Anything that makes the customer flow in Apple Stores a more pleasurable experience gets our vote, and Apple is showing great faith in its iPad with this move.

If Apple isn’t going to be using its own notebooks anymore, it may just show where the company’s priorities lie moving forward.

  • Anonymous

    The iPad is only generation 2 and look how powerful it is now…..in 3 years were prob going to look back and laugh

  • KewlDewd

    I don’t feel like this is a leap in any way. I don’t think the things the geniuses do are all that processor intensive so as to require a macbook pro. And do you really think Apple store employees are the only Apple employees (out of 50,000 or so total) that use macbook pros? What a ridiculous statement to say that Apple isn’t using its own notebook anymore. You realize Apple is more than just a brick and mortar retail store, right?

  • Anonymous

    When I had an iPhone 4 replaced (for free) the dude at the Apple Store took my information and made me an appointment via his iPad.

  • Dan

    I really like the iPad, I bought one. But I don’t see it replacing the pc/laptop anytime soon. There’s a certain productivity you can attain on those devices that can’t be replicated on a tablet. But hey, that’s just me…