Advertising network Chitika recently carried out a study to find out the iOS 5 adoption rate among iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users.

According to our data set, 38% of iPhone users had already updated their mobile devices to the latest version of iOS. The iPad came in second in our study with 30% of all users updating to or already using iOS 5. This is an interesting statistic as it illustrates the similarity of the iOS version distribution of both the iPad and iPhone. The iPod registered the smallest count of devices updated to iOS 5, with only 12% of users choosing to upgrade. This demographic is made further evident by the portion of devices running on older versions of iOS, with almost 80% of consumers using iOS 4.

Are you still on iOS 4? If so, why?

  • No jailbreak for my iPad 2 on ios5 🙁

  • Putting aside the lack of an untethered jailbreak and unlock solutions for those in the “know”, The uneducated are either unaware or unconcerned with a firmware upgrade. As the iPhone becomes more mainstream and gets into the hands of kids and grannies expect the take up of future major upgrades to shrink. Last year’s Chitika report showed that iOS 4 accounted for 50% of all iPhone web traffic one month after being released.

  • Anonymous

    Cus iO5 sucks and cant be properly jailbroken (yet). Its amazing Apple pay alot of people crazy amounts of money to work on operation system/interface and its lame. Jailbreak tweaks developers are truely gifted people! Without them the iphone isnt half as good! Simple tweaks like bitesms, sbsettings, intelliscreen x, barrel, lockinfo, photoalbums etc. I say that 38% is true, but people then downgrade back to 4.3.3 as they realised the few small things Apple added to iO5 just dont compare to the basic tweak available in Cydia.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe iOS 5 sucks but if Apple releases iOS 5.0.1 and subsequent, you are going to be stuck in iOS 4.3.3 for quite sometime.

      • Anonymous

        Doesnt bother me one bit, I will only update when 5.0.X can be jailbroken. Until I’m very happy with my iOS 4.3.2.

        Apple really need to overhaul the iO5 development team and start hiring some of these jailbreak geniuses 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Do you realize how horribly horrible it would be for Cydia Devs to start working for Apple. Its not like Apple would hire them and the iPhone would all the sudden be awesome! They would only help with patching exploits, among other things. If any of our JB Devs started working for Crapple, then they would be forced to play by Apple’s rules. What? You think Crapple could have never done what Cydia does. They are very capable. They just dont allow it in there software. Hiring a Jailbreak Dev would not change that.It would make things worse for us Jailbreakers.

    • Apple are the real geniuses. Without them, there would be no iOS, no iPhone, and no jailbreak. iOS 5 is a welcome improvement over previous iterations, but as with everything, there are areas that can be improved.

      I have a 4S, so I’ve been forced to use iOS 5. I must say that Apple has done a very good job. Little things really help improve the experience; you can put the keyboard away in SMS, photos can be organized in the Photos app, mail can be marked read in bulk, banner notifications are less intrusive, etc. I would have needed several tweaks and/or apps from Cydia on iOS 4 to just those things.

      A few things are for certain though. iOS 4 will eventually be unsupported, you will be on iOS 5, there will be a stable jailbreak for all devices, and I will be on said jailbreak the day it’s released.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed without Apple there would be nothing to tweak. I just get annoyed with there refusal to get with the times and work with the tweakers as some of the tweaks/ideas are amazing.

        One day im sure the will cave and start to work with the jailbreakers. Maybe Cydia would be downloadable true app store….I cam dream lol

      • Anonymous

        Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Maybe the only reason Apple doesnt add all them cool Cydia tweaks is so they have something to offer users that know nothing about jailbreaking. Always keep’em looking forward to an update. Tho if they would stop concentrating on blocking limerain exploits, and focus on improving the battery, then the amount of users who updated there phone to the latest iOS would be much higher.

  • Still on iOS4 for my factory unlocked ip4 cuz there is no untether yet. My mom’s gevey unlocked ip4 requires it. My iPad is still running 4.2.1 cuz no real need to upgrade and still no untether. My mom’s iPad 2 is actually on iOS5.

    That’s 4 devices, 3 are still iOS4, one is iOS5. Biggest reason that I don’t upgrade is lack of untether. Untethered iOS4 > Stock/tethered iOS5 for me.

  • Anonymous

    Still rockin iOS 4 because there’s no untethered jailbreak for 5 yet. Also because of the battery issues I’ve heard about.

  • Dan

    I went to OS5 firstly because i’m stupid and impatient and like to try new things. I wanted the reminder app, iCloud syncing and the notification center. My girlfriend has a jailbroken iPod touch but it’s still on 4.3.5 since I’m the techie and she simply could not go through the tether boot process.

    • 4.3.5 is tethered , isn’t it ? , so your girlfriend is doing the tethered boot anyway if needed…

      • Dan

        actually just checked, she has 4.3.3, my bad. Don’t know why I had 4.3.5 stuck in my head. Been so long since I jailbroke it.

  • Anonymous

    I was on iOS 4.3.3 in my jailbroken iPhone 4, with ALL my apps and tweaks working 100%, but yesterday I decided to update to iOS 5 because: 1) Jailbreak developers are not working on iOS 4 any more. 2) I will be stuck on iOS 4.3.3, for who knows how long, as soon as iOS 5.0.1 comes out. 3) I can experiment/play with new things in a jailbroken iOS 5. The downside is the battery issue and my apps/tweaks working 85%, but I can live with that.

    • Dan

      it’s weird, I have iphone 4 OS5 and have not noticed any problems with the battery. It’s actually better now that I can’t use vWallpaper

  • untethered jailbreak !?

  • I upgraded to iOS 5 weeks ago and went tethered.

    For everybody so afraid of a tethered jailbreak, relax… It’s seriously not that big of a deal. As long as you can keep your phone charged you’ll never even notice it. I’ve gone almost a month with it tethered and haven’t had to re-tether it EVEN ONCE.

    I love notification center and wouldn’t wanna go back to ios 4 for any reason.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. It’s not that bad. Especially with the SemiTether now available. So atleast if sutten hapens away from home and your phone shuts off it can reboot into a non-jailbroken state til u can bott tethered again.Pretty awesome.However If I could go back to 4.2.10 I would in a heart beat. I upgraded after I seen a video confirming the downgrade from 5.0 to 4.x. But what I didnt realize is that absolutely no one has done this successfully with a CDMA iPhone. I can downgrade but I cannot activate the phone. So beware CDMA iPhone 4 users. SHSH blobs will only work if your phone is the GSM model. Not CDMA

  • Jeff Budke

    I’m still running iOS 4.2.1 (jailbroken) on my iPhone 4.
    My phone works great as is. Until there is an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5, there is no reason to go there. I had most of the “new” iOS 5 functionality long before iOS 5 came out.

    • Anonymous

      OMG I envy your iPhone. Wanna trade? 4.2.1 is the sh**. Best battery life I have ever experienced. Wish I could have it on my CDMA iPhone. You lucky MothaF**ka. If I were you I would never update……….Seriously. At least until you get confirmation of excellent battery life (like thats gonna ever and an untethered jailbreak for the available

  • Anonymous

    Yes of coarse a lot of people are not going to upgrade rite away simlpy because of the status of an untethered JB availability. But another reason, perhaps even non-jailbreakers, have had nothing but disappointment after disappointment with iOS updates.Since all Crapple really seems to care about is blocking exploits that almost no one could use unless you physically ran software through you phone yourself, and adding 200+ features that sound cool but only a very small %age of people would even use, but what else could 200+ features come with? You guessed it. The horrible battery drain that seems to be Apple’s signature (seriously, every time I see an iOS update all I can think is “great, wonder how bad the battery is in this one”). They should have just kept 4.2.1 Apples really needs to focus on “battery performance only” for a while and stop adding 200+ features when the battery was terrible before the 200+ features. I mean, what the f*** were they thinking. Trying to make the phone more appealing w/o a jailbreak. Like that could ever happen. Keep dreaming Apple Empire. The battery has sucked soooooooooooooo extremely bad since 4.3 came out. No improvements at all since then.
    In my opinion, there is absolutely no feature they could possibly add that would be worth giving up any more battery juice the phone already sucks up. Period. Did ya here that Consumer Reports advised the iPhone 4S. And I use to go by Consumer Reports………..Not any more. THEY WERE DEFINITELY PAID OFF FOR RECOMMENDING THE IPHONE 4S! No practical person would advise you buy a phone that is dead long before the end of your day.

  • im on an iphone 4 JB 4.2.1 And is waiting for an ios 5 untethered jb. when ios 5.0.1 comes out can i still upgrades to just ios 5 because jailbreakers said to stay away from 5.0.1

    • you cant do that anymore, if your still on ios 4 then u wont be able to upgrade to ios 5.0 youll have to go to 5.0.1 without untethered anyway, so gunna be waiting a while if your not on 5.0 already.