Apple added a nifty feature in the iOS 5 weather app that lets you see the hourly forecast. Instead of the daily forecast, you can drill down each day and see hour-by-hour temperatures and rain percentages.

Simple tap on the current day in the Weather app to trigger a drop down with the hourly forecast for the day. Nifty!

  • I’m not on iOS 5 yet cuz no untethered. Is the weather app still as garbage as it was before? I think I’ve been using Weather Channel forever. It takes a slightly longer to load (few seconds), but it actually have information about the weather.

    • Dan

      it’s a bit better, but you can’t see (as far as I know) weather over 14 days, maps, short term (morning/evening/night)

  • Dan

    Might just personal preference, but I prefer the app WeatherEye by far, I’ve never liked the OS weather app. I live in Montreal/Canada and yahoo never seems to get the weather accurately.