It’s the hot button topic on the internet right now, but nobody really knows the answer to the burning question: where is the hack that will get Siri working on an iPhone 4?

We’ve seen video of it working thanks to chpwn and Steve Troughton-Smith, but the pair has been reluctant to make the hack available to us, the non-paying public.

In a blog post today, chpwn has sought to clear things up by explaining why the port hasn’t been made publicly available, and as we suspected, it all comes down to copyright…

In order to get Siri to work on an iPhone 4 right now, the files required need to be extracted either from an iPhone 4S or its firmware.

The issue there is quite obvious. If you already own an iPhone 4S, then the chances are you aren’t that bothered about making it work with your older hardware. If you don’t own one, you’re left fishing around in the IPSW file Apple provides. That isn’t quite as easy as it sounds.

Apple’s IPSWs are encrypted, and hackers do not currently have the decryption keys required to pull out all of the necessary Siri goodness.

This is where things start to become illegal. Hackers cannot share Siri’s code with people that do not own an iPhone 4S without breaking copyright law.

“..the firmware files are distributed encrypted, and we do not yet have the decryption key to access the Siri files inside of the iPhone 4S firmware file.

Just from that, you currently must already own an iPhone 4S to install Siri on it without a blatant copyright violation. But even that’s not all: if you do all of that, there’s still a few more reasons why Siri won’t just work.”

This all leaves us at something of a stalemate. Until the decryption keys are found for Apple’s IPSW files, Siri will not be made available to the public.

Even if that does happen, there are still technical reasons why Siri won’t just work on your iPhone 4, but neither Troughton-Smith nor chpwn are willing to go too far into that situation for fear of tipping their hat.

What this all boils down to is rather simple. Right now, and for the foreseeable future, if you want to use Siri, you need an iPhone 4S.


    Damn… Just damn

  • Xavier

    Well. Jailbraiking practices were treated as a copyright infringments in the first place; but we got away with it. Same thing can happen with Siri port.

  • DebTym

    NO SIRI = SORI for us

  • Geta4S

    I’m glad that is the case. Get an i4s, you cheap bastards.

    • Tangz

      Buy me one if you want me to get an iPhone 4S. Not everyone is rich as you + it’s not event necessary to buy an iPhone 4S, if you own an iPhone 4, you bastard.

      • sonny


      • Chris

        Well stop being a cheap bastard then and buy and 4S yourself…

      • i am a bastard

  • Punch1nello

    So wait its perfectly reasonable for them to do it and successfuly show it running for the world to see. If they have such a good conscience they should ring up Apple and submit themselves to a lawsuit. If this information was known during this process there was no reason to demonstrate it to the world.

    In other words, either the dude behind this is looking for a direct entry to Apple like the others. Or just plain being a fucking troll. Next time these great law and justice dispensers can stop doing anything which is against EULA/copyright/DRM and not fucking film it for the world to see. Man up to what they have to say and leave it at that. Fucking pricks.

    • d0ntp4n1c


    • Dodgerdeezy

      Well put minus the strong language

    • Butch Clancy

      You are an asshole with an inflated sense of entitlement.

      Go learn to exploit and hack instead of bitching like a child.

    • Me

      There’s nothing illegal to them hacking it themselves. The issue would be when they put it pubicallu available and began distributing it. Largely, but not entirely, similar to the difference of ripping a CD to iTunes (no distribution) to putting the .flac on piratebay.

  • Dan

    Apple said they put Siri on the iphone 4S only because it requires the duel core processor to run well but the iPad2 has a duel core processor and they didn’t make it work on the iPad2…Why?

    • keith

      so now it can be a “new feature” on the ipad 3

    • Dante

      Because apple is full of shit, of course it runs on the iPhone 4, they just wanted to make it a feature of the i4s to sell more units.

    • Mr.OneTwo

      i don’t think apple said that.. “if” they said that it benefits from it it would be true.. pretty much everything on iOS benefits from it..

      Some questions are sent to the servers but some other features are done without the servers.

      If they did say that i wouldn’t mind a source. Because as of now i have never seen or heard apple saying “Siri will be on the 4S ONLY”

      • Burge

        Apple will not release Siri for the i4 way not ever..why ! I’ll tell you , it was not on the i4 iOS5 update that’s why will not release a feature that’s out on one as a feature and then do a update say iOS 5.0.1 so the i4 users can have the same feature..

      • Anonymous

        It’s currently being tested internally, Einstein.

  • d0ntp4n1c

    Siri is the ONLY reason I even contemplate getting the 4s. I am just going to sit back and wait for this to get released even if it does involve shady things. I am not above piracy when this should have been provided to those who could run it without pushing a new devices for the almighty dollar. v.v

  • Cristian

    Apple made Siri possible for the iPhone 4s only for marketing reasons! People hack and crack software of
    Thousands of dollars, pirated movies every day!! And a simply port that can even be made anonymously!! They can’t make it public! LAME! That port would made millions of persons happy!

  • Burge

    They did it to see if they could..they did it and video it because they got a iPhone 4s .. They can not release it because they can get sued.. ..and at the mo Apple are more than lightly would if you want Siri go get a iPhone 4s …

    • Anonymous

      Can you please post the name of your high school English teacher? I want to find her and punch her in the face for your complete lack of working grammar.

  • ryan

    I mean come on! if the pricks aren’t going to release it why tell us about it in the first place? i’ll tell you why: fame!
    whats to stop them from anonymously uploading the file to megaupload and then taking no credit for it?

  • deathstar

    Maybe the millions of Fan Boys should petition Apple for Siri to be released in a future update of iOS for the iPhone 4 since it is clear it will work on the iPhone 4 and A4 processor.

  • if only, Siri integrated with Kinect-like system

  • if only, Siri integrated with Kinect-like system.

    • mmm

      So I could give it the finger, and see what she says?

  • Kriss631

    My dad owns a 4s and I own a 4 and if I extract the files from it and do all requirements its still piricy?

  • ic0dex

    Go buy a iPhone 4S you cheap schmucks!

    • Johnny

      why to buy the 4S you lame !! The iphone 4 can run any application on the Appstore can handle any website without full flash , mails are perfect & i get everything except the camera that i don’t use & the lame siri so Fuck you and Apple and your big budget and retarded ideas , those two faggots has publish it just for Fame or wanna work at Apple !! anyway someone else will port it sooner or later
      but Apple for sure if it stays in this line it’s market is gonna dropped and it will get out of the game !

    • Non iPhone 4s user

      Dude for me to get a iPhone 4s it’s 750 dollars. Im not buying one because its just for siri, no Way. But really If 750 bcucks is cheap to you than your just a rich prick

    • Chrisdis

      Yes just buy the damn 4s and stop crying please

  • Kriss631

    Wtf u need to ask before u go say cheap I heard great things about u but u just wack.
    I cant even if I could so shhh it was just a question don’t want stupid replies like that !!

    • Brains530

      Grammar much?

  • Burge

    Siri was made for the i4s not the i4 if you want it that much you know what you have to do…,

  • Keith

    I personally think anyone who’s saying “buy the 4s you cheap xxx” are truly ignorant or just new to the phone themselves. Jail breaking = freedom meaning that Siri like native multitasking will and would be ported to the iPhone 4 so I ask you guys who say “buy the iPhone 4s you cheap xxx” WHY BUY IT IF IT’S FREE AND WORKS FINALLY ON THE OLDER BUT HIGHLY HIGHLY SIMILAR MODEL???? It makes no sense to. If these guys can’t do it some one could the vid was just made to prove it can be done…. I bet halt of y’all owned EVO’s and now that ya have iPhones ya sucking the binary’s out of it SMH

    • Burge

      Er no ..I’ve been jailbreaking since 2.0 on the first iPhone for Evo’s what’s that…lol..

  • DomPerignon

    Everything is explained here: In other words, Siri on iPhone 4? IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! NO WAY JOSE! FORGET ABOUT IT!

    • Burge

      Thanks for that

    • I would LOVE to know how you came to that conclusion. Every post I have ever seen by chpwn or anyone else involved in the port has stated that it is possible and will eventually happen.

      Even one of chpwn’s latest tweets says
      “Why we can’t release Siri for iPhone 4, iPod touch right now”

      Why wouldn’t he say “we will never be releasing Siri” if what you say is correct?

      • DomPerignon

        OK keep dreaming and interpreting things the way you want them to be. Good luck.

  • Bill

    Apple does not owe any of you anything. Hack it if you can, or go buy a 4S. But please don’t bitch because Apple chose not to offer it on the iPhone 4 or iPad 2. You got PLENTY of value for your money when you bought your hardware, and then Apple made it even more valuable when they gave out iOS 5 for free.

    BTW, if Apple DID release Siri on the older hardware, it would probably choke their servers in a huge hurry, and then Siri wouldn’t work at all.

  • Cristian

    Siri still in beya version let’s hope something happens when its out of it

  • Brian

    As Cristian mentions above, Siri is still in BETA. To put that in layman’s terms, IT AIN’T VERSION ONE YET.

    There is a reason beyond the explanation above. First, by limiting Siri to iPhone 4S customers, Apple can observe how Siri is being used. Because Siri is built on Artificial Intelligence (AI), it has the special capacity to LEARN. The more commands and questions fed to an AI model, the more accurate it becomes. By limiting Siri to a specific population of customers, Apple’s Siri team can make necessary adjustments and fixes in preparation for it to go live as Version 1.0.

    Second, and this is a big one, bandwidth and processing power. Siri depends on a request being sent to an Apple data center for its farm of servers to interpret and respond to the command or query. This lets the iPhone be a more lightweight client, and let the data center handle the heavy work. If Siri were released for ALL iOS devices at once, even the massive new data center in North Carolina would be overwhelmed.

    As evidence, consider that Apple plans to almost double its investment in infrastructure for FY 2012, to the tune of $8 Billion dollars versus $4.3 Billion for FY 2011. That is a huge jump, and hints at more data center locations to be built to handle the increased load. Considering how many millions of iOS devices there are around the nation and around the world, the demand for processing services will be considerable. It’s best to do this in steps that the current data center capacity can handle.

    Over the course of the next year, we can anticipate that Apple will open up Siri APIs to its developers in a measured fashion, that Apple will cut deals with a variety of data suppliers, build out more data centers and lease more fibre backbone, and update Siri with at least one or more new versions.There is much to be optimistic and excited about, but that won’t satisfy you. Admit it: you want it all NOW. That’s the way you are: impatient, impractical and without a clue as to what needs to be built out in order to accommodate your pedantic whining.

    And for every geek who thinks he’s smarter than Apple by forking Siri to an older iPhone or an iPad, you are just adding to the bandwidth demands for which Apple is likely not ready to provide. The end result: degraded Siri performance, complaints, bloggers throwing a hissy fit and bad publicity for Apple. In short, if there are problems, you might just be the cause.

    So don’t get your panties in a knot. Be patient and let the baby grow. In a year’s time, we will see Siri develop tremendously. Encourage that. But let Siri and the infrastructure behind it take the time it needs. Half million square foot data centers don’t exactly pop up overnight.

    • DebTym

      I like it. I felt like I went to a retreat.

  • Mark

    Isn’t it possible to install the iPhone 4S IPSW on an iPhone 4, with Siri already installed?

    • Keith

      Just like native multitasking was imported for 3G uses…. But ppl don’t understand

  • Cristian

    @Brian: “Admit it: you want it all NOW. That’s the way you are: impatient, impractical and without clue as to what needs to be built out in order to accommodate your pedantic whining.”

    Don’t make this general. I am not a native english speaker and in my hands Siri does have almost no value. Believe me or not, I have tried. Maybe because of my accent, my pronunciation or else, I do not know. For the most of people like me, is pretty useless … at least for the moment.

  • Brent

    Quit being a lolpoor and buy the new phone or STFU. It’s really that simple.

    I hope one of you tries to hack and you get arrested. I really do.

  • d0ntp4n1c
  • SiriSn0w is available in Cydia as long as you install the repo but at the moment it’s only the UI it doesn’t actually connect to the Apple Servers but you can get the UI so its one step forward for public eye, @jackoplane is also working on a Siri port look for that coming very soon as he will be releasing it to the public.

  • I downloaded Siri assistant when it first came out, which was long before the iPhone 4s was released. It worked like magic, then boom! It no longer connects when I open it. It’s pretty lame considering I paid for the stupid thing… They could have at least taken me out to dinner before screwing me…