If you’re an iPad user, the chances are you want to keep it looking in tip-top condition. It’s also entirely possible that you’ve chosen a lovely case to help in the preservation of your iPad, like one of Apple’s own Smart Covers.

The problem with most iPad cases is the sheer size. After all, why spend the cash on arguably the nicest looking tablet out there to have it hidden away in a giant case?

Things get worse if you want to have the added functionality of a bluetooth keyboard built right into your iPad’s case. Adding hardware undoubtedly adds size, but as one new startup is showing , that doesn’t always have to be the case…

Hatch & Co’s SKINNY is made out of faux leather, and sports its own built-in keyboard. Not just any keyboard, though. This bad boy sports a touch-sensitive keyboard, helping to shave off those extra millimeters.

“Start-up company Hatch & Co., is presenting their first product today with the, ”SKINNY”: a stylish faux leather iPad 2 case that also integrates the world’s slimmest and lightest wireless keyboard. Unlike other iPad keyboards that use thick chiclet keys, the SKINNY wireless keyboard breaks the mold with its unique use of touch technology. This enables the SKINNY keyboard to be ultra thin, measuring only 0.07 inches. Plus, this makes the SKINNY keyboard spill-proof.”

So just how thin is the SKINNY iPad keyboard case? Well, thickness-wise we’re looking at just 0.7″ thin, and the whole thing weighs 10.4 ounces.

An added advantage to that touch-based keyboard is an unexpected one – the SKINNY is spill-proof, though you might not want to be throwing liquid at anything that’s housing your $500-plus iPad, but you get the idea!

If the SKINNY case sounds like the iPad case for you, it’s available to buy now for $109.99 from Amazon.


  • Ryan

    If this is a touch keyboard, why don’t people just use the iPad on-screen keyboard since it is touch too? Is it worth $100 for a touch keyboard? I think people like feeling the clicks of chiclet keys.

    • Ethan

      $109? Well, why would people want to pay extra 1/4 the price of the iPad2 because they want their iPad look like an notebook/netbook? In my personal opinion, they should buy a notebook/netbook instead. Once again, it was just my personal opinion 🙂

  • AJ


  • Daz

    Off Topic “Guys , Im realling facing a very serious problem with “Semitether JB” . after I`v installed , the Installous IS GONE . I tryed to Re-Install it but it wont let me . it says that its not comptiable. I removed semitether .. n`d I succeed installing installous again .. but Semitether was gone . does it happen only with me ? I CAN NOT INSTALL “SEMITETHER & INSTALLOUS AT THE SAME TIME ” would be thankful if someone could help 😉 .

    • tigo30

      they are not compatible, you have to decide semi-tethered or cracked!

    • Burge

      Installous is privacy ..if you pay for your apps you wil not have a icon that disappears on you springboard…

      • Burge

        I’am still getting used to Siri ..

      • Burge

        That’s that’s it no more Siri …

    • Verizon Rocks

      You are stupid, quit stealing money from developers and do something with your useless life

      • No reason to bash on him. I download apps without paying for them all the time.

      • JP

        Really? Devs get most of their profit cut by apple at only a couple bucks! Combine that with the many scams on the app store and you say WE steal? Maybe we wanna test out an app before handing apple our money! Maybe if apple had a return policy then “piracy” would go down. If we could trial apps, then no one would need installous and THEN there’d be a reason to accuse people of using it.

    • Larry

      Sebastien page into save the day lol everybody loves free so w/the Untethered JB days away just wait it out DAZ

  • Toshi

    now it’s $89.99. By the way, what’s the point to transform an iPad into regular notebook? To pretend you have a notebook? And what’s wrong with the on screen keyboard?

  • Daz

    Thanks for your replys .
    “verizon rocks” – wtf is your problem ? I ain’nt stealing nothing , u can’t accuse me . what installous was made for ? simply : to download free “paid apps”, if u don’t like it or u feel guilty or something then simply dont use it and keep ur meaningless comment for your self . believe me , my life is much more better than urs , get a life .

  • Bob

    Believe it or not some of us also use installous to get older versions of apps (ie; pandora that is compatible with the skip hack) and apps apple has pulled from the store (ie; vlc). I have no reason to pirate an app to save a couple bucks. My wife could confirm that now that she knows (shocked) the amount of $$$$ that is tied to my iTunes account lol….

  • I don’t get it. Using the touch keyboard is better than the on screen TOUCH keyboard?

  • Shock Me

    Well this has the virtue of making more of your document visible.