This may be taking it too far. We’ve seen some pretty ridiculous stuff involving Siri, but this new comedy short may just take the cake.

What would happen in an alternate dimension if you asked Siri to marry you?

As Cult of Mac points out, the Siri Operating Manual says, “Siri is a learning computer that adapts to your environment and personality, answering your requests as it identifies your wants and needs.”

Hey, a life partner can qualify as one of those “needs.”

  • KlK


    • Mikhail


  • KlK


    • Who


  • tedchow2002


  • Lgend

    Is that real, if its is ! I LOVE SiRI !

    • iGirl_in_SC

      I love Siri, my husband despises her. I think there’s something wrong with him LOL!!!!

  • Jon Garrette The Hater

    My wife is jealous of Siri

  • Gutentag

    I wish Siri put out.

  • I have got just one word for this.,

    • MrMBerman

      That’s 3 words!

    • Xepptizz

      Yeah! It is one Acronym.

      Epic video though.

  • Angelo


  • Spencer

    Ok for you US dudes…… We get a man!!! Jailbreak required to give the UK a chick Siri.

    • Yeh I want the chic

      • bb

        I want a chic with a UK accent. Of course, then my GPS may get jealous.

  • Craig

    All these Siri posts are so fucking boring and pointless just like the wankers who say “First” .. Is this what passes for news in the world of Apple nowadays !!

    • jo-macral

      Lighten up, and don’t take life so seriously. I find these comedic posts quite entertaining.

    • jen11111

      yeah mam, take it easy
      theses jokes r fuckin amazing
      get a life sad cunt

  • jared

    any person who i know who got the 4s, the first thing they showed me was “where can i hide a body?”

    it’s old already 😉

    • iGirl_in_SC

      Same thing with the woodchuck chuck joke or the meaning of life quetion…

  • clementine

    AHAHAHA i love this!!

  • iPad Lover

    Siri is turning out to be more of a funny app than something that you can actually use in live.

    • iPad Lover


  • Tomb198269

    If you throw your iPhone 4S across the room onto the couch Siri will yell in horror!!! You have to throw far enough for the sensors to pick up that it is the air.

    • Will

      Lol … Some dumb ass is gonna actually try this and break their iPhone .

    • Didnt work and I’ve got a million scratches on it u suck

  • Techhelp59

    Whwn Siri answers “will you marry me” question the second time the battery percentage says 69% lol Siri is horny.

  • Sean


  • Tarek

    Any way to add SIRI to iPad 2 running iOS 5?

  • vik071

    Not really funny video. Bleh…

  • k1

    she said yes to marry you

  • Solid Snake

    I think that’s the best Siri one yet…