Rumors have been bouncing around for years regarding Apple and its secret TV project. No, I’m not talking about the $99 media box. I’m talking about a full-blown television set with the words “Made in Cupertino” printed on the back.

Thanks to a quote from Steve Jobs in his recently-released biography, the speculation has regained some traction over the last couple of weeks. Pundits are now reporting that we could see an Apple-branded TV set as early as next year…

Bloomberg added fuel to the fire yesterday by providing more “evidence” of the product’s existence:

“Apple Inc. is turning to the software engineer who built iTunes to help lead its development of a television set, according to three people with knowledge of the project. Jeff Robbin, who helped create the iPod in addition to the iTunes media store, is now guiding Apple’s internal development of the new TV effort, said the people, who declined to be identified because his role isn’t public. Robbin’s involvement is a sign of Apple’s commitment to extending its leadership in smartphones and tablets into the living room.”

If the iPhone 5 rumors taught us anything, it’s that these sources with “knowledge of the project” can’t always be trusted. We don’t doubt that Apple has looked into making TV sets, but will the idea ever make it out of the R&D labs? We don’t know.

However, there seems to be a lot of people who believe that we’ll see an Apple-flavored TV set within the next 24 months. We’d love to see Apple do for TVs what it’s done for smartphones computers, and tablets.

How about you?

  • Knightfal

    Imagine that…

  • Jarrod

    I think that if Apple will release a new type of product, they are going to make it something that we haven’t really seen much of before. Just like the iPad, there were tablets around long before it came out, but it brought out the tablet industry into the spotlight.

    There are already loads of smart tvs by almost all the top brands out. And if apple brings out one of these, they’re really gonna have to wow us.

    • ron

      i agree. apple has succeeded recently by doing exactly what you said – making a product that is significantly different and superior to what came before it. with tvs, i dont think they can do the same.

  • It wouldn’t say “Made in Cupertino” it’d say “Designed in Cupertino” just sayin.

    • T-Mizzle

      LOL! True.

  • Ken

    That’d be interesting, though I think it’s a LOT more likely to say “Designed by Apple in California” than “Made in Cupertino” on the back.

  • cyklo

    The big problem with this is the massive differences in how media is broadcast in various parts of the world. You thought GSM vs. CDMA was difficult? You’ve not seen anything yet.

    Knowing Apple, I can see this becoming the first TV with no Freeview / Satellite / Cable connectivity whatsoever. Just a massive screen and an internet connection.

  • Jeff

    Actually it would be kind of cool, especially if you have where you can access your apps,your iTunes, be able to sync with iTunes to stream your media , all while still acting as a hd tv

  • Michael

    And Siri to be included in this TV? There will be no need for remote controls anymore.

  • AppleTVforAll

    ….ooo ooo and with Siri on it! The remote has 1 or 2 buttons. Everything is done by asking or telling Siri to do it. hehe
    (and i’m not kidding…) Think about it. 😉
    Biggest hurdle might be trying to avoid getting sued all over the place for patent issues from Samsung. Just look how many TV’s they push out there.

  • They’re just trying to compete with Samsung

  • Apple is just trying to compete with Samsung.

  • iHelp

    Lol Siri on ur tv. Wow it’s hard enough trying to control the remote. Imagine 2 or more voices screaming at wanting there own Chanel hahaha it would grow iLEGS and run out the door all confused on what to do. Lol:p