Apple has released a minor iOS update for the Apple TV 2G. Following the release of iOS 5 to the public last week, iOS 4.4 was released for the latest Apple TV.

Update 4.4.1 brings bug fixes and minor improvements. Apple is likely tightening up some of the features that it introduced in the last update.

iOS 4.4 for the Apple TV brought several new features, including AirPlay Mirroring for the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, NHL, Photo Stream, Wall Street Journal Live, and Trailers.

You can download iOS 4.4.1 directly from our downloads page. The update can also be installed via software update on your Apple TV.

UPDATE: It appears Apple has pulled the update. Apparently, this update was doing more harm than good. We’ll keep you updated.

  • Emil

    If I update to 4.4.1 can I still jailbreak the Apple TV?

  • There is no jailbreak for 4.4.1 I’m on 4.4 and there isn’t a jailbreak for that either, does anyone know when a jailbreak will be release.

    • Angelo

      Then a new Untether will arrive there will be a Jailbreak for that.

      • Emil

        What you said makes no sense!

  • Justin

    Does anyone know exactly what the new Trailers feature is. There has always been trailiers hasn’t there? I haven’t really looked into it much but I am just curious.

  • Joe

    This update is not worth it if you already have jail broken ATV. Just having access to ATV Flash makes this update not worth it.

  • Apple as actually pulled the update.

  • I’ll just stick to 4.3. Can’t miss xbmc

  • jojomclovin

    new seas0npass is out, but teathered

  • rob

    Anybody know a way to kill the update reminder? Last time I updated to 4.3 just to stop the pesky reminder.