Many people have bought an iPhone 4S already, but none of us have sent our iPhone to space. Thats exactly what a YouTube user by the name of “FinalCutKing” did. He purchased two iPhone 4s’s on launch day, and put them in a helium balloon.
He then sent them up, and waited patiently for them to fall safely back to Earth. While the iPhones were up there, they took some amazing footage of the Earth’s atmosphere.

You can see the video below:

What are your thoughts? Pretty cool, huh?

  • I fell special because I saw this before I saw it on this site 😀

    • Steve


    • David

      So you’re a hipster?

    • Alex

      Now put in square glasses. 🙂

      • Alex

        Put on square glasses, that is.

  • ANIL


  • Wow that’s awesome. That guy is pretty brave, I can barely let my iPhone out of my site.

  • Wow that’s awesome. That guy is pretty brave, I can’t let my iPhone out of my site.

  • I love the video but it’s 100% fake.

    • Rehan Ahmed

      Nopes, I don’t think so anyone would waste their time for a video like this, I think this one is real!

      • The only legit about this video is he got 2 iPhone 4S. Do you think it will really fall on the same US state or even country when the helium gets empty? If they found it on UK or Pacific maybe this will be legit. But nice video no argument about that. FinalCutKing is really Final Cut King.

      • fdxgncgfn

        Ever herd of find my iphone?

    • Solid Snake

      As awesome as it looks, I’m inclined to believe at least the latter footage is fake… But still an awesome video!

    • Although I think you’re reasoning is sound, I’ve seen for myself the bbc send up a toy to space and it landed back in the same city. Although they did let it drop once it reached a certain hight. Maybe these guys did the same thing.

  • Rehan Ahmed

    Umm, can’t u name it,
    “Siri’s Trip To The Space”?
    “Siri’s Autobiography About It’s Trip To The Space”?
    It would be a more interesting!

  • DarkReaper

    Any proof that the video is real; they did send the iPhones up and it wasn’t some fabricated rubbish?

  • Nguy3NImpr0vd

    Man if u send your fone to space it wont come back in the same location it would be in the ocean or another country

  • Latinpride011

    Wat are the odds of it falling down in a driving distance.. Dont no if i 100% believe it

  • I don’t believe it either. Show the videos of it going up and falling down if you have all the video footage.

  • Asad

    First of all, that is NOT a iPhone 4S because look at the iPod icon(which in iOS 5 is Music)
    Secondly, this video is fake

    • revvxz

      I cant see any music icon..

    • Ali Khanmohammadi

      What am I missing? I didn’t even see the iPhone screen on for you to even say that about the iTunes icon? What part of the video is that on?

      • Asad

        Look before playing the video, do u see that iPod icon? That was BEFORE iOS 5.. In iOS 5 they replaced it with Music and separated Video

    • Miranda

      Wow. You’re a really smart guy. I bet you’re like a scientist or something. That image is clearly a quick photoshop, in the video you can clearly see that the iPhones were sent in a foam cooler.

  • Ali Khanmohammadi

    Man that she was ill son you never seen any stupid ass android phones going to space!!! Let’s do it iPhone 4s!!!!

  • Ali Khanmohammadi


  • Oliverf

    This video is about as accurate as their failed group high five!

  • David

    Does nobody remember the Dad & Son that sent their iPhone 4 up into space?

  • DebTym

    some of it are true but mostly fake

  • ReanimationXP

    Inclined to think it’s fake. All of the video shot has horrible compression artifacts while the rest of the video is clear. iPhone 4S shoots amazing 1080p video with very little visible compression.

  • TexanPatriot

    This reminds me of that boy who hid in a balloon causing most of the State of Colorado to call out their rescue squads….mom and dad both went to prison, because everybody believed it was REAL…when in reality the kid was in his bedroom the whole time.

    Who would send TWO perfectly good iPhone 4s up into the atmosphere, almost certainly never to see them again? And they would have been under contract, no less….I thought unlocked 4S would only be available at a hefty cost in NOVEMBER….

  • NotFooled

    The video is very well put together but too far fetch to believe that a balloon that size can reach space and fall back onto the same area without blown off-course ???

  • KiraXD

    so he decided to copy the citibank rewards commercial? how original.

  • Iphone4 been there done that get with the times iphone4s :-p

  • Fjghg

    To the guy above,
    The space video wasn’t shot with either ip4s. It was shot with a flipcam. Go back to the beginning and you can see.

  • Jorge

    This isn’t fake, because, they have a gps tracker so, they can found their iPhones. So, isn’t fake, and the iPod icon. On the final part of the video, is an iPhone 4 not an iPhone 4S.

    The video, is true, and if it’s fake, I’m really shocked.

  • Xepptizz

    Fake, if you have 10 minutes of awesome iphone flight footage, you wouldn’t cut it, you’d be stupid to do so.

    I love the idea however to send one up indefinitly. So Steve can enjoy the awesome product he made longer then he could on earth.

  • Thats awesome!