Something really unexpected happened yesterday. I was doing a Google search on my new iPhone 4S when a popup appeared asking me if I’d like to change my search engine to Yahoo!

Needless to say, I was really confused. Is Google telling me that it’s too good for me and I should switch to Yahoo? Or is Apple trying to tell me something?

I guess Apple is doing this in order to let new iPhone users know they have an option when it comes to search engines. This is a way for Apple to be fair to other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing, since Google is the default search engine on new iOS devices.

As far as I know, this is new in iOS 5. I might be wrong but I know I had never heard of that before. Have you ever seen this screen before? What’s your take on it?

UPDATE: And to the angry commenters, no, I did not have Yahoo in any other tabs, neither did I ever visit Yahoo from this iPhone before.

  • Johari

    I use both google and yahoo so what….!!……well said Blimey……i’m with u….IDB is for info and knowledge….LOVE IDB AS ALWAYSSS….anyone not happy with this blog…..can u pls leave….!!!!

  • guy

    so first you start arguing with the other people defending yourself, saying clearly that it is an action from GOOGLE, and now you’ve deleted everything and restart the same post with an less effective headline saying it is apple?! An update to the old post would have been the better way. I do not like your “Get klicks headlines” you apparently prefer (there are other examples too) and would love if you stick to the content that matters. In the few last weeks there have been likely a billion of posts with three or less short paragraphs, and – for me – that is too much and without good journalismus. I hope you are not making a moneyblog out of this and keep it for the iOS interested people, not for your own profit!

    Also to other defenders from Seb about critic on this blog:
    No, you are wrong. Just because I am not happy with some posts here it does not mean that I have to stop reading this blog. This is an comment section, which is made to comment, do critics, argue with the writers about the article, thats what comment-sections are good for. Not only for saying “Thumbs up, you have done a great job as always”. The Commentsection is a given place for discussions. And if I do like iDownloadBlog, I may be interested in sustain its quality! (Needless to say that this argument does not include very offensive comments)

    /from a german guy, please be indulgent to me

  • Rick

    Lmao, so many comments on something so little XD

    “Excuse me Sir, would you like to try our new house drink?”
    “o-o…WHAT THE **** DID YOU JUST ASK ME?!”

    • Alex

      Excuse me sir would you like to try our new house drink?

      I’ve tried it and I have to say it lacks flavor it’s bland like water. It really misses the mark when it comes to a good drink. Next time please use common sense and include some flavor in the drink.

      By the way D*ck, I mean Rick I was just presenting an honest comment I never meant to be hurtful or rude.

  • Because it says the message was from, I would say it’s either Yahoo! in a different tab or Google placed a Y! page inside their search page (aka an iframe)


  • Am

    If you get into google with yahoo the iphone ask you the if you want to change to google

  • Rick…
    That was funny as hell!!!
    I’m still lmao…

  • szyn

    LOL guys!!! Today I have noticed on my phone appeard photos from China THAT I HAVE NEVER DONE!!! I even haven’t ever been in china!! What the hell?? I guess it’s iCloud copied it from someone’s chinese iPhone to mine! Did it happen to anyone else??

  • szyn

    And they appeard between photos that I have done some time ago, what means simply it could not be me copied it….