With the release of iOS 5, we’ve been asked by a bunch of Gevey unlockers if it was safe or not to update to the latest operating system.

Truth be told, I do not use the Gevey SIM unlock, so I wasn’t really able to help until a user pointed out the obvious to me: it works as long as you preserve your baseband…

We published two posts today showing you how to do just that. By using either Sn0wBreeze or RedSn0w, you can update to iOS 5 while preserving your baseband, making sure that you can still use your Gevey SIM unlock. See our Sn0wBreeze tutorial and our RedSn0w guide for detailed instructions and videos.

Thanks ic0dex for the video:

If you don’t use the Gevey SIM unlock, but use UltraSn0w, the same applies to you. You can upgrade while preserving the baseband, but you will have to wait for the Dev Team to release an update to UltraSn0w, which is supposedly coming tomorrow.

As always, you’re invited to share questions or experiences in the comment section below. Hopefully this can help figure out the whole situation.

  • HMS

    hi all,

    i preserved my BB, but when i try to restore in iTunes i get unkown error 1601.
    Can anyone help?
    Im using Gevey SIM, and have installed the original AT&T SIM when i tried to restore…

    plzzzz helppp

    • sam

      Try to change the USB port to another ,detach any other usb attached ,deactivate antivirus and window firmware and restart the computer.
      mine faced the same problems and worked fine after,let me know

    • Andre

      Ireb use for ireb

    • Paulo

      you need to put in DFU mode after restore…

  • zac

    it worsked for me,,i preserve band 04.10.01 from 4.3.3 with redsn0w.. now im on ios 5..working good so far..and i didnt had to press manytimes on-off airplane mode, it worked at 1st try 🙂 ..thanks!!


      Please!! help!! What kind of gevey sim card do you have?? The normal gevey, pro or ultra???

  • zac

    *worked 🙂

  • Muskafire

    I have iphone 4 running version 4.3.3 and Modem FW 04.10.01 using standard AT&T SIM. I have never unlocked this phone but I do have Gevey Ultra SIM. I’m using MacBook Pro 13″ and iTunes of course. Can someone please send me complete “step by step” instructions for preserving BB and then installing iOS 5. If I don’t have a T Mobile or any other GSM SIM and I want for now I want to use my same standard AT&T SIM how will I know the phone has been unlocked and when I travel overseas it will work with local GSM operators. Thanks for your help and sorry for the one message.

  • Wale

    thanks…i was only able2make it work after watching diz..thanks

  • bosaleh

    I have a 4.11.8 and the gevey dosen’t work can somebody help me pleasa

    • sam

      this baseband is unlockable at this moment,you seems that you updated through itune,try to downgrade to ios 4.3.5 as soon as possible

  • frank

    did the hole process how do i get passed the sim activation?

    help will ne appreciated!!

    thank you

  • ChrisRose

    This works on Gevey ultra for sure!

    If anyone knows how to get mms working for tmobile please help me out. I can send mms messages using the apn settings that are all over the web but without jailbreaking and getting mms fix off pushfix repo I can’t receive. It keeps giving me the message is too large BS.

    Please let me know if any of you have had success.

    Ahuimanu808 at g mail


  • alias4978

    This doesnt work!
    I upgraded to ios5 with preserved bb @ 4.10,
    it keeps saying “No Service”

    • wale

      Yes it will keep showing you no service..you have to keep doing airplane mode for some time, i used a video online to get mine done, same thing it said..so just try doin that..im not home now, would have sent u d link

      • Luisfer

        could you give me the link to that video please….

    • BBpreserved

      Dial 112 anyway, and play with airplane mode, it will work! Mine did the same thing, and I tried it even without any service!

  • Bull

    I hav same problem as allias I preserved mi baseband to plz help

  • Muskafire

    I simply want to unlock my iPhone 4 using Gevey Ultra running 4.3.3 with BB 04.10.1 to iOS5 (currently on AT&T). will this involve tethering or untethering by any chance? I don’t want to jailbrake just unlock it to preserve the current BB and get it ready when I travel overseas to use any GSM service. Please help clarify this. Thank you.

  • daredevil

    how do i bypass the activation process as i am stuck there, and i am using the gevey sim and i don;t have the original sim.

    • …LBC…

      try jailbreaking it with redsnow 0.9.9b1, thats what i did. let me know what happens. thanks

  • petar

    Hi can you help me please …I updated firmware with preserved baseband 3.10.01 and activated with tmobile sim card,but when i insert gevey it ask me to again activate with tmobile activation card and every time i insert gevey.

    how to bypass that once and for all.

    thank you

  • NK

    can the gevey ultra be used without jailbreaking, so that i dont have to go through the tethering process? nervous that i’ll need to use the phone in an emergency to find out that the phone reboot needs a computer. Im running ios 5 on my iphone 4 with a preserved 4.10.01.
    Do you think there will be an updated gevey from applenberry or hopefully the dev team will release a software unlock soon for these higher basebands?

    • Muskafire

      Hi NK,

      I have exact same concern, please see my question above, I don’t want to be in a tether mode. The big confusion I have is that can I preserve BB on my iPhone 4 and upgrade to iOS 5, will this process cause any tethering issue? if not, then can I later unlock with Gevey Ultra to use this phone with an overseas GSM carriers? Thanks for your help.

      • essbee

        use sn0wbreeze to create a custom ipsw without a jailbreak and restore from that ipsw – remember to follow the instructions to put it into pwned dfu mode before you restore. You won’t have a tethered boot in this scenario and Gevey works fine…

  • N1ghtW0lf

    @Wale dude if u see this plzzzz send me the link to the No service bug in gevey

  • atik

    i upgraded to ios 5 preserving the baseband 2.10.04. Gevey sim card is not working. need help!!!!!

  • Dhanush

    Upgraded to IOS 5 using Snowbreeze by preserving the baseband. However, It was not activated automatically, fortunately I had the old AT&T sim and had to use it to activate.I had used the below link to for Gevey Sim unlock and worked perfectly. http://pastie.org/2210393

    Only confusion whether to use iBooty or not. I am able to use all features, except cydia and other app downloaded from Cydia

  • enchantinspellz

    mine is working! iphone 4 ios5 bb 2.10.04 …

    • RC

      Hey did you do anything special? I only have 1 bar of signal. It works fine but with one bar only and doesn’t move from there.

  • Bugizzle

    Enchantinspellz. Which Gevey did u used n how u got it to work!

  • enchantinspellz

    da simple gevey sim

  • enchantinspellz

    yes gevey works on ios 5 !!! provided u preserved ur baseband…

    for all dos who preserved der bb… u can follow da below steps in order to unlock using gevey:

    switch on ur phone wid da gevey sim… da msg pops up, u gotto accept it nd den after bout 5 seconds u see no service … immediately dial 112, make sure da call goes thru …(if it says call failed den dial 112 again) for bout two seconds nd hang up! den toggle da aiplane mode on n off… u get dos sim failure prompts n it finally says searching ! after bout 15 seconds .. ur fones unlocked! 😀

    however, i don understan y is da signal weak! i just get one bar ! 😐

    newe i can confirm my iphone 4 is running on ios5 bb 2.10… i preserved da bb using snowbreeze! 😀

  • Flo

    Hi there,
    Am i the only who notice that using the gevey sim on ios 5, the signal is weaker than on ios 5. Also, my gevey sim is working on ios 5 not jailbroken but does NOT work on ios 5 jailbroken. Does any one make it work on ios 5 with jailbreak?

    • Alvin

      Yes, I did. You won’t see a 1 signal bar after accepting, so instead, after it says no service from searching, call 112 then hang up. Then go to settings and turn the airplane mode on and off until you see the service tab below. You have to give it a few tries for it to work.
      (If you don’t see the accepting screen, go to settings, phone, and sim application, press english, and it’ll show you the accepting screen. After that, just follow the intructions above. I had to give it a few tries for it to work. So good luck)

      • Alvin

        Yes, I did. You won’t see a 1 signal bar after accepting, so instead, after it says no service from searching, call 112 then hang up. Then go to settings and turn the airplane mode on and off until you see the service tab (I mean the CARIER tab) below. You have to give it a few tries for it to work.
        (If you don’t see the accepting screen, go to settings, phone, and sim application, press english, and it’ll show you the accepting screen. After that, just follow the intructions above. I had to give it a few tries for it to work. So good luck)

  • Muskafire

    Thanks! I’m a Mac user and need to do the iOS5 upgrade to preserve the BB on iPhone 4, what tool should I use with Mac to make sure I won’t run into Tether boot situation. I simply want to preserve the BB for future unlock using Gevey Ultra. Don’t want to jailbrake either. Please help, thanks.

    • Alvin

      hi, if you have an AT&T sim card to activate, then use sn0wbreeze like I did to preserve your baseband. If you have to hacktivate, then you also have to jailbreak as well.

  • daredevil

    i hv successfully upgraded my iphone 4 to ios 5 by preserving the baseband and wid gevey sim. buh i hv lost all my contacts , photos, and sms. i am not being able to restore from my back up as there is no cush option to resore from backup. so can anyone help me how do i get them back? thank you

  • mm15744

    I am stuck in bb 4.11.08 after updating with ios 5.0. Do you guys think i have to sell my very fresh iphone bought in US in craigslist?

    • azharhamzahya

      Downgrade to iOS 4.3.5 as soon as possible.Apple still signing 4.3.5…First,put the iPhone in DFU mode…and restore it (use iOS 4.3.5 ipsw).You will get error in iTunes after finish restore but you can use redsnow to kick recovery mode.Don’t worry,you will get Baseband 4.10.01 again.

      • drAnimagus

        Can 04.11.08 be unlocked with Gevey? And is it possible to upgade 4.3.5/04.10.01 to iOS5 with Sn0wbreeze and preserve the BB?

  • gracie

    apple stop sognong 4.3.5 oct 17 and that’s the day i updated to IOS5 using itunes and not preserving bb. has anyone tried downgrading to 4.3.5 after oct 17? and will there be software unlock soon?

  • Thanks totally worked!
    got it on my first try =D

    • babu


      Can you help me with that. I got a iphone 4 with IOS 5 From someone but my gevey sim doesnt work with that. I want to use tmobile. I dont know how to downgrade to 4.3.3 or lower.

  • John

    Yea it worked for those useing a gevey ultra it works still download furiousmod and go through the steps shown in video it took me about 5 tries and it was annoying cause the tethered jailbreak but i got full bars on t-mobile!!

    • Babu

      I still have warranty with apple. If I jailbreak it warranty will go away.so I have to unlock it with gevey sim with IOS 5 and and my bb is 4.11.08. Is it possible to unlock it or not? Can someone plz let me know. If yes how?

  • John

    great it worked on gevey ultra bb-4.10.01 ios 5 just install furious mod with gevey ultra and follow steps in video

  • drAnimagus

    I have iPhone4, 4.3.5, 04.10.01, unlocked with Gevey Sim. I am using PC and want to update to iOS5, with preserving my BB.
    I can’t create custom IPSW with redsn0w because I am on Windows, and I am not sure about Sn0wbreeze. So, can anybody suggest smth?

    Thanks ahead.

  • CLau Gutiérrez

    I DON’T want to use redsn0w to preserve my baseband. Is there a way to unlock iPhone 4 with Gevey using iOS 5 without preserving my baseband?

  • Umesh


    I have iphone. I jailbreaked it to ios 5 but not Gevey SIM is not working with iphone. ios 5 is installed in iphone I can use it as ipod but I cant make call.

    Please guide.

  • Yash

    I have Iphone 4 with BB 4.3.3 with firmware 04.10.01, it was unlock using Gevey Sim but after upgrading to ios5 from itune. my phone has stopped working, it say i have open my with the original sim…

    Please help how to unlock it now

    • drAnimagus

      Your firmware, I supose, now is 04.11.08, and that one is unlockable in the moment.

  • Thanks mate, it took ages and lots of site which didn´t help but your method finally made it work! Rally appreciate it.

  • Hi i updated my Iphone 4 to ios 5 without preserving baseband. i was using gevey sim before now i cannot use my iphone since it is asking me to insert original sim card that has come along with the phone then only it will activate. i cannot go to the main window of the iphone, is there any solution, please help. now i cannot use my phone with gevey as well

    • I have the same problem… I did not preserve my baseband. I am also not to administrator of my laptop (it a university laptop) so I an’t downgrade or anything. I used the Gevey sim before and it worked perfectly fine, now I am not able to use my Iphone anymore. It stopped working, I connected it with Itunes and it automatically uploaded the new IOS 5 with baseband 4.11.08.
      Anybody can help me please?

      • u have 2 wait.. till the jailbreak of 5.0.1 comes…
        apct. 15-20 dayss

      • Wild Storm

        i have the same problem as i dont hv the original carrier sim card and now em not able to use the iPhone which i just updated to iOS 5.0.1 ……. can any1 help me out in this … ??? plzz

    • hey…
      can u tell frm wer did u bought the iPhone..???

      i have the same problem as u…
      but now i can use the iPhone but as iPod but nt getting the network…

  • Anonymous

    i just bought a used iphone 4 which was updated to ios 5 with 4.11 pbb.. and it uses gevey.. now gevey is not working.. ='( no way to use gevey if no pbb 4.10.01..? =(

  • well

  • Anonymous

    Hi i updated my Iphone 4 to ios 5 without preserving baseband. i was using gevey sim before now i cannot use my iphone since it is asking me to insert original sim card that has come along with the phone, but still not working, What can I do now?

  • Can I use sn0wbreeze to create a custom ios 5.0.1 firmware to use my gevey sim or I need to jailbreak and hactivate also ?

  • Essam Basha

    Does it work on the iPhone 4S?. 5.0.1??

  • sad seem like everyone here updated his iphone without perserving the baseband as me..nothing we can do but waiting for the new gevey sim releases?

  • Abiola Obadimeji

    i installed ios 5 and preserved my baseband, everything works fine, except for the fact that i get just 1 signal bar, any fix for this, i’ll so much appreciate…

    • Anonymous

      Install Ultrasn0w, bro. It’s just a cosmetic issue.

  • Apple Service

    for Iphone 4/4S factory unlock mail at iphone.service11@gmail.com

  • Apple Service

    For gevey ultraS in Mumbai and India contact 9833098597

  • how can i Unlocked 04.11.08 Baseband on iPhone 4 iOS 5.0.1??

  • I have a friend who have a jailbroken iphone 4, and she’s using gevey,yesterday we updated her ios to the latest one and have it jailbroken again but then we found out that she could no longer use her call and text feturea, we’re from philippines,what should we d0?? Please help us:)