Unless you jailbroke your iPhone, one downside of iOS was that you were not able to extra text message and alert tones. You were limited to the tones in the Settings app.

This is now a thing of the past, as Apple has updated the iTunes app for iOS with a new section to purchase alert tones…

“The iTunes Store on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch now includes the Tone Store — an incredible spectrum of music ringtones and alert tones that can be assigned to any alert setting on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.”

While Apple has already been offering ringtones for purchase, this is the first time you can actually buy alert tones from iTunes on the iPhone itself. Of course, this has a price. Ringtones still sell for $1.29, and alert tones for $0.99.

Without a doubt, jailbreakers will prefer the free way, but it’s still a nice, basic feature Apple gave customers today.

Do you think you’ll be buying tones from iTunes?


  • Radu

    Why doesn’t Apple charge us 1$ every time we recharge our batteries?

    • topsy

      +100 You just said it. Its all about money. Not even free gift for iPhone loyal like me.

  • R

    I’ll continue to make my own alerts and ringtones. Snake’s codec and Navi’s “Hey!” are sounds iTunes will never offer.

  • Gus Me

    I haven’t kept up to date with these text tones, but is it possible to add these now via cydia/ifile/etc… WITHOUT winterboard? I haven’t looked before since I try and stay away from winterboard…

  • Jeremy

    If you don’t like Apple’s business efforts, then don’t support them. Simple. I’m not a fan of all of it, but with a jailbreak, you have a choice.

  • Bob-o

    Why not just make tones with programs like audacity and change the file type like you would with a ringtone. I’ve only bought 1 ringtone in my entire life, and I still regret it. I have plenty of music, so I might as well spend 5 minutes making my own ringtone rather than pay a dollar for a section of song/sound that probably isn’t what I want anyway.

  • bc

    It seems like they could have provided text alert sounds for free. I mean charging the same amount for a 1-2 second sound that they do a 4 minute song seems a bit much. They should be a quarter a piece with a selection of free ones to choose from. That’s how I would do it, but that said, they can sell for however much they want, but I won’t buy them.

  • Bengillam,

    As I understand it you should be able to just rename .m4a to m4r resync and bobs your uncle

    • Jason

      yeup exactly +1

  • Chris

    is this not available in the uk

  • RingMeUp

    SSH the m4a into your ringtone file….free. 🙂

    • Bob-o

      You don’t have to do that anymore in iOS 5. Just make a ringtone by changing .m4a to .m4r and you got a ringtone…hell, you can make a 30 second ringtone a text tone if you wanted…it’s stupid, but you could.

      • TimeToUpdate

        Sweet! So you don’t have to put it in the ringtone folder? (I haven’t tried 5 yet..sorry for the dumb question.)

  • Dusean

    I wonder if someone might make a non-jailbreak converter , and you can just click and drag it to make ringtones and alerts (might already be one)

  • Ed

    Can someone who has updated to ios5 confirm if you are able to create your own custom sms tones on a non jailbroke phone.

    It’ll take the piss if they havent implemeted this.

    • Jason

      you can sir, confirmed.

  • Danny Walls

    I just downloaded an MP3, converted it to m4a in iTunes and then changed the file extension to m4r. Added it to my iTunes library and it stuck it in the ringtones folder for me. In iOS 5 you can use your ringtones as text alerts without a jailbreak.

  • Micke

    Filling my iPhone with Chewbacca goodness!

  • Craig

    REALLY PPL!!!R u that broke ass that u can’t afford a dollar.I feel pity for u fools.hahaha broke ass bitches!!

  • Ed

    I have plenty of money i just wanna make my alerts a bit more individual and be able to have whatever i want rather than just be restricted to the itunes stores selection.

  • Jason

    you can make your own texttones, just tried it.. jus make sure the sound you wanna use isn’t longer than 30 seconds (personally I keep mines down to 1-3 seconds, tops), drag it into iTunes, create AAC version, change extension m4a to m4r, drag into ringtones, sync and whoop there it is.

    you can set different tones to different peeps, jus a heads up. I’m sure most knew that already.

    I’m really diggin iOS 5 btw. Almost didn’t jb….. but I need biteSMS, activator, sbsettings lol I hope the other tweaks I use become iOS5 ready soon. RandomRing works on iOS5 btw.

  • PocketFulofJays

    download ringtones maker on app store and your done