With every new iPhone coming out, older models see a price drop, allowing those of us who don’t have $200 to spend on a phone access to some of the best smartphones out there at a reasonable price.

Following the launch of the iPhone 4S, Apple dropped the price of the iPhone 4 to $99. For that price, you only get an 8GB version of the device, but it’s still a good deal. If $99 is still too much, you can get the older iPhone 3GS for free. Yes, for free, but with a 2-year contract…

This is a great deal you can’t pass on, unless you’re buying the iPhone 4S, of course.

  • AltF4

    The iPhone 4 price didn’t drop (they simply just created one with less storage), only the iPhone 3GS ($50 –> Free).
    The iPhone 4 16GB was $199 and 32GB $299, so naturally if they had previously created an 8GB model (which they hadn’t until now) then it would have been $99, which is exactly what they have done now… created one with half storage capacity for 100 less.

    Apple is clever indeed.

  • Ken

    I keep looking for factory unlock price.
    Is anybody has idea?

  • Ru folk

    3GS for free? Okay, software unlock and profit!
    But i can’t buy it for free, they aren’t free in my country.

  • Jacksparrow

    Yeah how much for the factory unlocked iPhone 4?

  • It’s a good website

  • How I can download Cydia in iPhone 4.

  • sam

    iphone 4 with unlock in leb costs 450$ i dont know why !

  • mind

    If anybody wana sale him/her iPhone 4 then please contacts with me… mind_mix@yahoo.com