Today, Musclenerd announced that RedSn0w is going to get a major update. Musclenerd posted pictures of the new version RedSn0w, which also includes some new features.

This update is expected to be pushed out in the next couple of days. As seen in the picture above, you’re greeted with a new welcome screen that presents a couple of new options…

This update is huge. As the picture above shows, you are given a couple new options such as getting out of Recovery Mode, saving & using SHSH Blobs, and a new preferences button. In my opinion, the app is now much easier to use for people who are new to jailbreaking.

Redsn0w is due for an update, it’s been the same for a while and was getting a bit old. Musclenerd says this update for RedSn0w will be pushed out before he leaves for his trip to Korea. Knowing the way the Dev Team works, the update should be out on Sunday, a.k.a. “Funday.”

We will keep you updated for when this update is released. Below is some more screenshots of the newest version of RedSn0w.

What are your thoughts? Are you excited for a better version of RedSn0w?

  • Yes we are.

  • Rajan

    For sure!!

  • yes its good and will be more easy to use.

  • Would be nice auto-update feature!

    • bhyubguihui

      yeah but newer versions lose their compatibility for older firmwares and devices.

  • OCD Steve Jobs

    isn’t about time Redsnow is considered as version 1.0. perhaps its longggggg overdue

    • babiloe

      Yes, the redsn0w Always in beta, a Lot of version.
      0.9.6 for 4.3 – 4.3.3 still in beta since it unthethered.
      0.9.8 for 4.3.4 thru iOS 5 since it thethered.

      0.9.8 last week has beta 7c now back to beta5 with patch8, very confusing hee?
      There is 0.9.7 also. Im forget what it is for.

      I suggest redsn0w 0.9.6 has version 1, and next iOS 4.3.4 thru 5 will have other name,
      And please has better version svn name, muscle nerd.

  • Josh

    Hey wasn’t iOS 5 beta 8 supposed to come out yesterday?

  • MrBig

    yeah it was…

  • Josh

    And does anyone know if iOS 5 (FINAL) will update your baseband (3GS)?

    • Craig

      Well the betas have updated the baseband on the iPhone 4, not that that matters currently while 4.3.5 is still being signed, downgrading the baseband isn’t an issue.

      • Josh

        What do you mean by “downgrading baseband”? Is that even possible? Or maybe you mean keeping your baseband. Because I’m on 5.15.14, and as you may know it’s not Ultrasn0w-unlockable, so basicly I REALLY DEPEND ON IT not only updating the BB but also being Ultrasn0w compatible.

  • MALdito

    Will there be a Windows version?

    • Burge

      Your kidding …right…

      • Josh

        Why would he?

      • Craig

        I assume he’s asking if the guy’s joking because there is always a windows version so why wouldn’t there be this time, it’s almost a silly question lol, infact it is.

  • Me

    Upload shsh blobs to Cydia sounds sweet. Although if you have them local is just as good since you can build a custom ipsw with them

  • Love the new recovery fix but it’s too late for me lol

    • CrazyBraulz

      Me too!!!

  • 2035 A.D

    Why is there Fetch and submit to cydia and Submit blob files to cydia? Isn’t that the same thing? LOL

  • msxy

    excellent keep your good work Musclenerd.

  • The Wizard’s Baker

    Is there an untethered jailbreak for 4.21

    • David

      If you mean iOS 4.2.1 then yes, you can use greenpois0n.

    • Josh

      Just use Redsn0w 0.9.6b5. It is untethered, and doesn’t need you to use crappy Greenpois0n to install Cydia.

  • Fabio Rodrigues

    They should update with an UNLOCK! it would very very useful…