There’s nothing worse than leaving your iPhone somewhere, other than perhaps having it stolen. Kensington agrees with that sentiment, and has launched two new accessories that aim to help us keep our beloved iPhones by our side.

The two releases, while sporting somewhat cumbersome names, act as cases crossed with proximity alarms, letting users know when their iPhone is too far away…

The first accessory goes by the name of the “BungeeAir Power Wireless Security Tether and Battery.” It combines the proximity alarm with a case and battery pack, promising to keep your iPhone juiced for twice as long as usual. The second accessory is exactly the same as its brother, minus the battery pack.

Both devices come bundled with a small fob, which is perfect for attaching to your keys. A free app is then downloaded from the App Store, which establishes a connection to that fob, and the alarm sounds when the distance between the two meets a threshold that is set by the user.

As additional security, the device will be automatically locked, and a password is required to gain access again. Perfect if you leave your phone in a cab, or heaven forbid, have it stolen. For the secret spy iDB readers out there, well, you know the practicality of what Kensington has to offer.

The battery-equipped version runs at $100 and is exclusive to Amazon, while the base model cost $80 and is up for grabs via Kensington’s web store.

If you decide to pick either one of these devices up, remember to let us know how it works for you in the comments!


  • jared

    secret agents don’t have smartphones.

    have you seen with android phones when you download an app it warns you about everything it can read before you download, such as call logs, location, contacts, etc. now think about apple, their apps don’t even warn you about the information they may be getting and collecting. smartphones are very dangerous and vulnerable.

    • numbnuts

      who gives a f@&k about android on an iDevice blog and for the record, android is ine of, if not the most vulnerable of all mobile platforms. FACT! that’s why you need to know about what you’ve downloaded prior to opening.

      • numbnuts

        *one of. sorry 🙂

      • Jared

        Don’t be such a trollbag. I was just praprosing an idea. I’m plenty of an apply fan.

      • topsy

        You are Apply Fan. Do you apply for fan on IDB. Let me know i need one. hahahah

  • Goofygreek

    Seems to be a good way to find your keys too.

    • XepptizZ

      I was already thinking about that, however, due to the nature of the radial detection, you’d need three data points at the radial threshold to be able to locate you keys precisely. Or I guess you could continously lessen the radius in the iphone app tikk you get close enough.
      But that’s just bot as cool as triangulation, nor as precise.

  • Jared

    Even after 4 years of owning an iPhone type-o’s will always exists.

  • DNL

    I always forget the iphone and the keys at the same place….so it will never advise me ….