Had enough of the iPhone 5 rumors? Well how about some iPhone 4 gossip? TUAW is reporting today that they have been informed by a Sprint Nextel sales associate that Sprint will start offering the iPhone 4 next month.

While low-level retail employees are never a reliable source for Apple-related news, the information does match up with several recent rumors claiming that the Cupertino company will be re-releasing the iPhone 4 this Fall…

But what about the iPhone 5? Isn’t Sprint getting that too? According to TUAW’s tipster, the nation’s third largest wireless carrier won’t be getting Apple’s next smartphone until Springtime next year.

This raises all kinds of questions. Will customers want a 14 month old phone? Will the iPhone 4 be “retooled” as rumors have suggested? Maybe it’s the mysterious N94 device we keep hearing about with an A5 processor and a 5 megapixel camera.

It’s worth mentioning that the associate also told TUAW that they have been informed of a 4G iPad heading Sprint’s way, but no dates or pricing were given. This isn’t too far fetched considering all of the 4G activity we’ve seen from Apple lately.

As always, I wouldn’t put much stock into the above information. Retail employees are generally the last to be notified of upcoming products. However, there is substantial evidence piling up that Sprint customers will see an iPhone this Fall.

Would you buy an iPhone 4 on Sprint? Would an improved processor change your mind?

  • Will

    Wow … So much for all that . Then again the source is an employee . Not a reliable source . Who knows …

  • Jeff

    So much for that “internal memo” confirming that Sprint would be receiving the iPhone5, I guess iDB was wrong again.

  • obs is away just few days and apple is getting messed up again

  • jobs is away just few days and apple is getting messed up again

  • The title says iPhone 4… Did you mean iPhone 5?

    • No, they meant iPhone4, the iPhone5 has not been announced yet.

  • Francesco

    i would actually get it, if it comes with the unlimited data … because i would really want an iphone 4,5 w.e and if comes ipohne 5 i would still get it 🙂 cant wait to knw which one is coming for sprint 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Ron

    So many loyal long-term Apple customers I know have been waiting for sometime to upgrade to the iPhone 5. Our current iPhones are starting to act a bit funny yet we endure. They seem to now have acquired a mind of their own. It would be a grave mistake to not bring the iPhone 5 to market next month.