Apple has released iOS 5 Beta 6 to developers, with the public launch of iOS 5 and iCloud predicted to happen in the next 1-2 months. Additionally, Apple has also released iTunes 10.5 Beta 6, Xcode 4.2 Preview 6, and a new Apple TV beta in its dev channel.

Apple hasn’t reached the Beta 6 level for iOS in years, which reflects that fact that 2011 has been a very different year for the Cupertino company. The final GM build of iOS 5 before its public launch will most likely be the next download available to developers in the coming weeks.

In the newest beta, OTA updates seem to be working for those already on iOS 5 Beta 5.

Happy downloading! If you find anything interesting in iOS 5 Beta 6, tip us.

UPDATE: You can see what’s new in Beta 6 here.

  • MattGod

    Can you get this beta version without being a developer?

    • Martin

      yes you can, but only if some developer register your device’s UDID under his dev. account. Some of them do it for free and some of them will ask for money…

      • Mike

        You don’t need to pay any1 for it and in light of recent events with Apple tracking down devs who’ve registered non devs I don’t see many reputable 1s doing this .. Install a custom bundle availbale on the net and it bypasses it perfectly fine and you don’t have to pay any1.

    • Mike

      There will be links to down it at sum point and there was a custom bundle way back that you can edit the plist to match the release number and that bypasses registration but hopefully ih8snow guy updates snowbreeze to bypass it on beta 6.

  • Mike

    bundle_BY_SIMONEPSP_RedSn0w_5.0b1UDID_request_remover.tar .. that was the file, I modified the plist inside it to show the current firmware number and it works perfectly, I don’t know if you need to modify that or not but it works and lets you bypass activation bit and no paying a shady dev who wants to make sum money off of people who don’t know what they are doing or are too hesitant, if you are not then this is a good way.

  • Sam

    Does anyone know the prediction of the offical release date of iOS 5? Will it b earlier than the release date of the iPhone 5/4s?

    • Rod

      Most likely it will be announced the same time as the iPhone 5

  • almarar

    i installed iOS5 beta 5

    but i can’t use safari and email(when i opened, it is close again)

    • dylan

      That’s because you jailbroke it. Boot it up tethered

    • dylan

      That’s because you jailbroke it. Boot it up tethered.

    • Mike

      Why do you even want bet a 5 when 6 is out.

  • Hk

    I have updated my iphone4 to ios5 beta6 sn0wbreeze 2.8b6. But I was unable to receive the incoming calls. Every thing is working fine except this incoming call issue. Please suggest. Thanks in advance.