Android v.s. iOS arguments never cease in the tech world. The battle between the two leading mobile platforms rages on as Apple makes more money and Android gets pre-installed on more handsets.

What about the people that use Android and iOS? What are they like? An interesting infographic gives you the opportunity to see if you’re the typical iOS/Android user…

As highlighted by The Next Web, recommendation service Hunch has put together a juicy collection of survey questions from 15,818 smartphone users. As with all case studies, the results can’t be taken as pure fact, but the gathered info is still notable.

When polled by Hunch, the majority of people used iOS at 32%, with Android following at 21%. Some of the most interesting findings include:

  • More men use Android than women. There are more female iOS users than female Android users.
  • iOS users are more likely to be optimists, while Android users tend to be pessimists.
  • Android users are more likely to prefer an ugly device that’s more functional, while iOS users tend to prefer a prettier device that does less.

Here’s the full infographic:

Where do you fall in this analysis of the typical iOS and Android user? Let us know what you think of these results in the comments!

  • Truesayz

    I think that apple will be taken over it is inevitable as the android platform is not only on smartphones. time will tell i guess.

    • Austin

      Uhmm iOS is also “not only on smartphones”

      • Truesayz

        Uhmmm this chart is based on wait for it ……………………..( cellphones) so yes ios is only on smart(PHONES) android is not` andorid is on normal phones budget phones flip phones smartphones bussiness phones you get my drift? use the dame brain cells please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        there are other types of phone rather than smartphones.

  • Truesayz

    I too have a iphone 4 so dont try to rape me fanboys with your fanatical ass licking ……………….

  • hehehehe, I love my iPhone 4 and it is working great, and I always prefer iPhone from Android… really Android Sucks…. You are dead


    ( *)(* ) ( ` )
    ) . ( / /
    ( v ) ( “””)(“””)

  • Steve

    The iPhone is the best hands down! Oh and I don’t have to carry my charger around to make it through the day..

  • Ryan

    I think every reader of this website is going to say the iPhone is better considering we’re on an iphone blog…

  • Jason

    lmao a lot of those apply to me (iOS) except for media. that was waaaay off. interesting read tho-

  • tyr3ll

    (in a way)they just called apple fanboys a bunch of fags

  • Sam

    Wow this was interesting! I guess I’m a mix between Android and Apple. I use a iPhone 4, but I’ll always be a PC user 🙂 I prefer the features on an Android, but I LOVE the app store!

  • Michael hernandy

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my iPhone, and i fall more under android (bleh)… Weird. GO APPLE.

  • Rick

    I’m mainly an iPhone person, but, i’m waiting for 4G speeds on the iPhone before I switch to it. I have an iPod and an iPhone as a backup phone

  • rdqronos

    According to this, I have nearly all the things that make me an Android user… besides the Mac computer. And I’m an iPhone. Hmm… maybe I’m just a nerd.

  • Lucky

    are these figs based on US users only? because i doubt about other countries. Honestly, i mean 55% iphone users are soooo frequent fliers so they have got free flights?? 55%??? fact and figs are definitely dont match..

  • greytone

    lol @ Android’s favorite book: 1984

  • greytone

    “I think every reader of this website is going to say the iPhone is better considering we’re on an iphone blog…”

    Not me. I’m a turncoat. 🙂

  • hush

    Judging by the statistics; old liberal feminist women who like to talk, spend money, and play music are into corporate art, buy 1st gen products (thanks for figuring out the bugs for us), listen to crappy bands, enjoy crappy theater, and are iOS users. Sounds about right.

  • Love how the IOS people seem to be 35 year old women vs teenagers with android… explains Texas phone users though, almost every single soccer mom I see there has an Iphone 4, and it is hilarious.

  • Captain Logic

    My favorite bullet:
    • More men use Android than women. There are more female iOS users than female Android users.
    Talk about a way to flesh out a boring “duh” BLOG, repeat your facts in different words. Here is my example:
    • More men eat cookie part of Oreo cookie first than women. There are more female consumers of the cream part of Orea than cookie eaters.