Believe it or not, someone is already unboxing the iPhone 5. Chances of it being fake? I’d say 99.9%. But who knows, there’s always a slim, little chance.

The video was posted on YouTube by ZAGG, the people that make the InvisibleShield. I highly suspect this video was put up together to get attention. And it worked…

Yes, this is obviously a marketing stunt by ZAGG, but it will keep us entertained until the real iPhone 5 comes out.

  • Saltb0x

    if it was really iPhone5 i wont buy it. iphone4 looks much better

    • Da1t0n


      • vietnight

        agreed, IPhone 5 = iPhone 3 beside faster bigger screen.

  • Benjamin

    Wow I do not wan t a curved back like that.

  • AppleBits

    The “5” on the box is off kilter…. bad photoshopping.

  • Jeff

    If it was a real iPhone5 they would have shown that it was running iOS5 and they would have shown the about page in options. Another worthless iPhone5 post from iDB.

    • Josh Lee

      If you don’t like the blog, then why are you here?

      • ic0edx

        Jeff is right they would have shown that it was running iOS5 and they would have shown the about page in options. And YES it’s another worthless iPhone5 post from iDB. Sebastien knows it’s not a real iPhone 5.

      • Jeff

        I do like the blog, aside from the fact that EVERY SINGLE DAY I am subjected to at least 3 iPhone5 rumor posts that NEVER end up being true. It’s pathetic.

      • SoCoMagNuM

        i dont get why people get pissed at rumors not being true…its an RUMOR…hear say…since when is all rumors true?

    • Sebastien

      Jeff, no one forces you to read the iPhone 5 posts we publish on iDB. Just don’t read them. Skip them. Problem solved.

    • Sebastien

      @ic0edx of course I know it’s not a real iPhone 5. I thought the second and third sentence of the post made that pretty freaking clear…

      • ihu

        it is not 99.9% fake, it 100%. The picture on the box would definitely not have no background, or it would be running 3.x, which is not possible for the iPhone 5.

  • anthonyappleguy

    definitely fake. for sure. The camera is too small to be ~5-8Mpx. Looks like the back of a 3GS that was shaved down. They probably got creative and removed the hardware, put an iPhone 4 screen on top and a 3GS backing (customized to look thinner) on the back. I don’t buy it.

  • AppleBits

    Why didn’t he bother to turn it on?

    • ic0edx

      Because it’s not real.

  • Your Mom

    that was gay, I will never buy anything from Zagg again

    • James

      Don’t cry ffs, i’m sure Zagg won’t miss your custom.

  • Tom J

    It’s an iPod with one of Zagg’s covers on it! it’s so obvious! look at their site with the photos.

  • John Gotti

    get the flip outta here people. You’d rather have glass on the back of your phone? This phone is better.

    • ic0edx

      It’s look cheap, with glas it looks expensive.

      • MALdito

        The glass on the back of the iphone 4 looks nice but its turned out to be the biggest pain in the ass for most of the owners (I’ve met alot bcuz I fix them). Most hand held devices just bcuz of human error, get dropped all the time and its bad enough that the screen would crack but also the back too?! I mean, seriously, who’s dumb ass idea was that anyways. I’m not hating in the design or look (in fact, I love it), but there is no practicality to it, its prone to break. I feel as if they made it like that to sell more protective cases.

      • James

        There is a simple answer to the dropping of phones, don’t be a clumsy twat !! my iPhone 4 hasn’t got a scratch on it nor have I dropped it and i’ve had it like 7 months.

  • ic0edx

    WOW!!! how stupid of this guy, that’s a 3G or 3GS if someone really had an iPhone 5 they would have turend on the iPhone and showed of the about screen and how big the creen is and a close up. I hate people like this, they do this just to get attention. I’m 100% sure that this is NOT the iPhone 5, more like an iPhone -5.

  • leon

    no flash at the back and no iphone wordings as well

  • LOL! The video already has 127 dislikes and only 17 likes. I hope Zagg loses customers over this. What a pathetic marketing stunt on their part.

  • Kevin

    It’s obviously a 3GS…. Nubs

  • MALdito

    I’ve never said this until now: Epic Fail!!!

  • MaiTai

    It looks like Ipod touch “Thin, curved edge” lol or Ipad 2? Who knows just all guess.. Let wait until it is released.

  • vishal

    fucking 3GS

  • MI

    Why are you giving this guy a plug?? It’s sooo obvious it’s a 3GS, and I agree with others blasting this knucklehead for not actually turning the thing on and showing the iOS5. I want to hear & see valid, intelligent rumors that are fact-driven, not crap like this where someone is promoting their business!! Serious epic FAIL.

  • Collin789

    This guy is such a bad actor it’s not even funny

  • Very odd it’s a 3GS with what looks to be a front facing camera for face time I’m not saying it’s the ip5 but where could you get a 3GS if a front facing camera unless it’s been photo shopped

    Who know right ?

  • Brian

    Am I the only one who tried to “play” the first image on top?

    • Haha, I use the same kind of image for most of our posts with videos. You’re definitely not the only one that got tricked 😉

  • leviboxer

    Give him an Oscar for the sheer excitement he showed, NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! So so fake!!

  • AppleCraver

    Its 3gs

  • ihu

    Anyone that thinks against the fact that it is not an iPod Touch 2g or 3g is really dumb. There is no Apple logo on the back, and it looks exactly like an iPod Touch with a ZAGG case on it, and no camera or earpeice, there is no way it isn’t.

  • Lame video..The guy should have shown phone closely at least one time…. As you said it’s seriously to grab attention and they succeed,

  • Steve

    Yeah it may be fake but it’s not an iPod touch or a 3GS. It has a ear speaker so it’s not an iPod and it’s has a camera on the front so it’s not a 3GS. It also looks like the screen goes nearly to the edge. I’m just saying that it looks similar but not exactly like anything else.. Still most likely a fake though..

  • Brains530

    Also if it was a real unboxing there would be the little manual thing that comes with every version of the iPhone under the cover the phone sits on.

    • wirehedd

      there would also be plastic protectors on the back and front on the device. it’s a fake with some minor cosmetic trickery to make it look like a possible iphone variant. My guess is an ipod touch with some cleverly applied decals.

  • Jessica

    Fake! My iphone 5 is better…how about yours?

    • Jessica

      Wow…i just replied to myself!

  • lol fail

    • Jessica


  • LT

    Freaking ugly phone!!!!!!!!

  • sofakingstoked

    My iPhone 7 looks way sicker!

  • Shannon

    This looks like a 3G/3GS…no camera flash either.

  • The Wizard’s Baker

    Fuck off

  • Supernice

    The photo on the box is an iPhone running iOS 3 or older.. look at the dock ;D oldschool?

  • Murali

    WTF y ur uploading such kind of fake videos