While agressive protestors were busy burning down various buildings and businesses across the UK, reports suggest Apple retail stores were granted “special attention” by the Metropolitan Police.

The first report suggests that while a 20,000 square meter Sony warehouse was being burned down, the Police were treating the protection of an Apple Store at the Oxford Circus in London as a higher priority…

Various reports suggest that all major Apple retail stores were heavily guarded by the police — more so than any other retail store. The Apple Stores were also cleared of stock in an attempt to prevent looting. And with the police on guard protecting the stores and preventing damage, Apple had maximum defense.

It’s common sense that Apple products are some of the most expensive on the market and would be one of the first to be stolen from a street full of retail outlets.

Although these defensive strategies were carried out, it doesn’t mean that no damage was done at all, and only that the full extent of the damage cannot be determined at this time.

  • Fabio Rodrigues

    It is sad what the British are doing this week…

    I hope nobody else gets hurt…

  • unfair but life is that way. money makes the world go round

  • ic0edx

    People are so stupid. It was a gangster that the cops killed who gives a shit. You don’t tuen your city upside down fir someone like that. Oh wait it’s because you can steal all you want and set shit on fire, I forgot their caveman.

    • Philly

      A) sort your grammar out & B) know the facts before you start pointing fingers. There’s more to it than a gangster getting shot in Tottenham. Idiot.

      • Mike

        +1 .. people see the media spin and believe what they want while people here in the UK are not that naive, there is clearly far more to this than people retaliating or just deciding today they are going to go out and get some free tv’s etc.

      • Skeptical

        The rioters are at fault, but it doesn’t mean the government isn’t in the clear. They made bad decisions which eventually led to this.

  • Mike

    Yano summat, this an utter disgrace, ye I own an iPhone and other Apple products and ye they are expensive but why should they get any special treatment over hundreds of other stores, I wonder what plotician took back handers to waste police protecting Apple stores while the rioters do what the f**k they like with other people’s livelihoods.

    • r0cket1000

      Like it was said before, money talks. Apple is paying big money to keep their stores protected. Its money over everything here.

      • Mike

        Money goes hand in hand with corruption.

  • Philly

    It is sad, hopefully the police will sort this out over the next few days, 3 people lost their lives yesterday. It’s gone way too far.

  • Dane

    What a shame. Apple a multi billion dollar company that can easily recover is given special treatment while small businesses that are peoples entire life are burnt to the ground and robbed blind

    • That’s what insurance is for.

      • Mike

        You don’t really understand insurance do you, do you think insurnace companies just have an endless pot of money to pay out claims, everytime you claim your premiums go up, the more people claim the more money has to be found in order for the “business” to turn over a profit .. The more claims, the more people pay, it’s that simple.

    • Josh Lee

      If someone was going to rob your car and you had a honda accord and a ferrari, which one would you protect? Your going to complain about the accord getting stolen when the ferrari is clearly more valuable?

  • Only a fool would believe the Met Police were specially watching the Apple store. There are many other fine and expensive stores close by. Save the sensationalism for the red top tabloids.

    • James

      Apple giving a huge backhander to a corrupt politician in order for protection, u think that isn’t feasable ?? Now that is the defenition of naivety.

      • Read the story it’s about UK Apple stores, no mention of the US at all so you can save the corruption stories for another post.

  • topsy

    Well this totally untrue. The Riot didn’t spread to that particular place where Apple store is. Who gives a Fuck about apple store in UK. I Live in London and i know what happened. Apple’s store would have been burnt down if Rioters got there on time. At least one free Ipad each.

  • Painman

    This story is utter iGarbage. Stick to writing stories about our favourite devices !!

  • Fras

    This is bullshit !!! So what ! Hahah ,hope apple gets thier store burnt down and destroyed.I am sick and tired of hearing that apple is the best and iPhone is the best.

    • Josh Lee

      Nobody said that Apple is the best or the iPhone is the best in this article so what the heck are you talking about? It said that Apple has some of the most expensive products on the market right now.

  • I live in birmingham and to see the bullring in state it was makes my heart sink 🙁

  • Aleks

    Protest, yes! Burn, rob and pillage, NO!

  • Joeyjojo

    And it was hooded rats that were rioting because the government won’t look after them! Why should they? They couldn’t be arsed in school so now they can’t get a job. Why should the government help them when they won’t look after themselves. I’m from Leeds in the uk and I’m glad it didnt spread this far! It started out as a protest, then a riot. Then copycat riots. Ridiculous. And I seriously doubt the five-0 would defend apple store over all other stores and shops. Thats not how it works over here.