Have you every accidentally deleted a text message and thought, “Doh! I shouldn’t have done that?” In most cases if you delete an SMS on your iPhone, there’s no way to get it back.

So what do you do if that message contained important information? Well if you’re iPhone is jailbroken, there’s still hope. Undelete SMS is a utility that combs through your SMS database and Spotlight history to recover your deleted texts…

Undelete SMS not only helps you  salvage lost messages, it also recovers them in plain text (not encrypted) so they can be easily copied to an email or a note.

The catch is, the app isn’t guaranteed to work 100% of the time. The developer describes Undelete SMS as a “forensic tool,” and warns that there are some requirements for the utility to get results:

“Undelete SMS analyzes remnant deleted data that has not yet been overwritten by new data. While Undelete SMS can often produce useful results from an actively used phone (or backup from an actively used phone), it will not work on a freshly restored device.”

The price of Undelete SMS is pretty steep at nearly $7 bucks. However, if you’ve recently lost an important text message, it’s certainly worth a try. The utility can be found in Cydia via the BigBoss repo.

Have you tried Undelete SMS? Do you use a better SMS recovery app?

  • Warren

    This was free on BB 🙁

  • wouuuzzaaa

    Now let’S see how many girls try this on their boyfriends iphone….

    • billy

      haha so true

      • Stark

        haha.. i wouldn’t want this on my phone

  • the price is a little higher than what the tweak is…

  • crm

    yeah and how many girls dont want their boyfriend/husband to do this to her phone Cause women cheat also!

  • mateccheck

    Mate Check Private Investigations can recover deleted text messages from any phone. You can either send your phone to us or we can send you an easy to use kit for in home use call 866-640-1010 for a consult.

  • if you’ve backed up your phone via iTunes, all of your messages will still be there as of that point. Hopefully you do it often and wont lose many of the new ones..

  • debbie peters

    my experience was I lost all my iphone 4 data including messages and contacts and history etc, I had not backed it up as I wasn’t aware of all that stuff at the time. enigma recovery from the uk sorted me out they recovered everything and more, and they wasn’t expensive. but whoever you decide to buy a product from online, check their reputation out and do a bit of research on them first to make sure they are ok

  • Launrdward

    The last time I got back deleted iPhone SMS was used Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery program and it works great!