No, we can’t make this stuff up. A guy named Michael has been sharing his dilemma in a discussion thread on the Apple support forums, and he’s been slowly reaching the conclusion that the iPad 2 does not double as a CD player. 

Michael was surprised that he couldn’t manage to fit a CD into the iPad’s 30-pin dock connector, so he took to the Apple Support website to let everyone know about his problem— and we’re going to call that his biggest mistake.

The genius in question tried “for hours” to cram a CD into his iPad, but his efforts were to no avail.

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  • Pieter

    Words cannot express

  • Kurt

    i say its a joke. i do these type of jokes too. i told my wife and a few friends that french fries are good for your hair. the oil in them help to keep your hair soft and shinny. then after they believed that i thought i would up it to coca-cola is good for whitening your teeth. the acid in the coca cola will remove the stains and any plaque.

    i think he is just doing the same thing and laughing a lot on the other side of the computer. i just thought my friends were idiots for believing me. and they thought i was such an idiot to believe these things.

  • Sneib

    I think that this guy is an internet troll.. Nobody cant be that stupid..

    • Goofygreek

      You would be surprised.

  • matt tanner

    What a red-neck!!

  • soccerkrzy

    Internet Troll is obvious Internet Troll.

    Very funny nonetheless.

  • @Snelb — I beg to differ… I have met people that are honestly just that stupid.

  • Kwamayze

    It’s obviously a joke or he’s insane

  • anon

    pysically ripping a cd to play music eh?

    he might be on to something here…

    i wanna try as well~

  • Ethan

    If it is real, I only have two words: “mentally unstable”

  • MALdito

    LMFAO!!! Oh man, this is too good! This would be great if I was drunk or high… not that I do those kinds of things (¬_¬)

  • Johari

    Don’t be surprise…there are people like that you know……hahahaha

  • Kp

    Some people are really dumb… Like the lady who got really mad cuz she thought she had the iPhone 4 with 4g speeds. She got really mad when she saw the 3G icon up top on the status bar.

    • burge

      There was someone on this site asking the question ..ive upgraded and I’ve lost the 4g icon and all I’ve got now is the 3G icon ..i had to explain to him about the iPhone 4 and the 3G icon

  • ajz

    yet they have the money for ipad/iphone….

  • Thomas

    ROTFL!!!!! This is the best I’ve ever seen!!

  • Revvxz

    1 word. Dumbass

  • David

    Complete moron, what they should do is sit back relax grab the shotgun in the corner, slip a shoe off and use their big toe to pull the trigger.

  • Chris

    hahhahaha this is insane. can’t stop laughing. What a blockhead!!!

  • that same guy

    My CD’s wont fit in my iPhone 4 either…..stupid apple..

    • kuipo77

      Maybe you should try mini cd’s!! LOL

  • Shannon

    I read the whole thread and it’s a joke…someone has too much time on their hands.

  • Truliche

    This is OBVIOUSLY what you call in the internet, a troll. His only intent was joking around and fooling people and guess what, he did just that.

    His writing style and the things he says (not to mention how ridiculous this premise is) make it incredibly obvious.

    It looks like even the guy who posted this in the blog fell for the joke = D

  • Nile Brown


  • Jim

    He is such a idiot!!!

  • Jim

    IT WON’T FIT!!! That’s wat she said!! Ahahahahaha!!! Jks

  • Insane Epic Guy

    wow, i do think… that guy…. needs to stop stealing our oxygen.

  • Sean

    He was trolling….how could he not be…if he even knew how to rip his cds:))

  • Jeff

    I’m having this same issue with DVDs. I popped the screen off and put the disk under it but now it won’t turn on. Will iPad not play porn?

  • Tarek

    This is such a great urban myth / joke. He played it very well and with a straight face (at least on the emails). I bet he was blue in the face laughing so hard with stitches on the side and hardly able to get off the floor when people took this seriously.

  • OMG…. LOL