A recent survey carried out by shopping website PriceGrabber revealed that 35% of the people who took part in the survey said they would buy an iPhone 5, even though they haven’t seen it or don’t even know what features the device will have.

Additionally, 51% of the people who took the survey said they would buy the iPhone 5 within the first year, no matter what…

“Some 30 percent will purchase the device before the end of 2011, while 14 percent will buy it within the first month. Only 7 percent of those polled said they will buy it within the first week, a number that may change as they see friends, family and colleagues with the shiny new iPhones this fall.”

Obviously, this survey was taken by people who have a thing for Apple products, so the results might be a bit skewed. That’s still some pretty impressive numbers.

[eWeek via TUAW]

  • Jon Garrett

    It wasn’t one third of consumers, it was on third of 3,000 people surveyed.

    • This survey was taken by 3,000 people, which is more than enough to draw conclusions. When they say 60% of Americans will vote for Obama, they didn’t survey 60% of the population… Same applied here.

    • Alex
    • Wayne

      People are consumers. They wouldn’t interview dogs or cats for this.

  • Azekual

    Holy hell. The stock prices for apple will go through the roof as the Iphone 5’s release date inches closer and closer.

    I may have to invest in some of their stock

  • Gooner

    iOS 4.3.5 has just been released in UK

  • Alex

    Pretty exciting stuff. I’m sure going to buy “IT” whatever that ends up being! 😀

  • James

    I can only hope Americans don’t impulse buy everything else in their lives without even seeing it, shit, that would lead to some serious disappointment !!

    • Pieter

      Yes, like “americans” are so different from the rest of the western world and all “americans” do the same things because they’re all “americans”…
      FYI: i’m from Europe. I just hate ignorant generalizing.

      • Chris

        Who cares what you have to say, where do you think the survey took place ?? I’d say America was a good guess.

      • Cameron

        Shut Up Chris! I care what he has to say!

  • Gooner


  • Daryl

    If it’s LTE, then sign me up.

    • Aleks

      hello LTE, goodbye battery. so yeah, no thanks

  • Josh Lee

    I love that iPhone 5 mock up. One of the best i’ve seen in a while imo.