Yesterday, I went to the Apple Store with a mission: to get an inside peek at what was behind Apple’s own Smart Sign application. If you don’t know what a Smart Sign is, it is an iPad with a special app that shows product specs.

This app can’t be exited with the home button, it can only be closed with a secret gesture. I did some peeking around, and I found some interesting things.

First off, there is no App Store. I was confused for a bit, and checked the Settings app to see if it was disabled, but it was no where to be seen. Next, Apple requires 6 profiles to be installed just for the app to work, which I found interesting. Besides that, the front facing camera doesn’t work either. In the Camera app, it shows a black screen.

Additionally, the app only works in the Apple Store. It shows up in Location Services (as seen above), and if you disable it, the app will crash immediately after opening it. Furthermore, when you do the secret gesture, the iPad will restart for some odd reason. Also, a new application also appeared by the name of “Self Service.” Unfortunately, I was running out of time, so I didn’t get to see what the app does.

Pretty neat, huh?


  • Angelo

    Highly interesting but now i wonder even more what self service does mean?

  • whats the gesture?

  • c0edx

    How can I install smart sign, I wanna bebthe guinea pig.

  • Alex

    So you found the secret gesture and won’t tell? That’s pretty selfish! 😀

  • SpideyRules

    If you want the secret gesture, be ninja and get it from the finger swipe remnants you can still see on his last picture…

    • C. Lund

      5 finger pinch. Done and done.

  • dylan

    Press real hard on the bezel of the iPad smart sign at the store where the power button is. It pushes into the plastic. If you hold you’ll see the slide tovturn off. Then turn it back on. Bam you’re out.

    You heard it from me. Works every time. Sorry that was written so poorly.

  • Pissedoff

    Hey thanks for telling the world how to fuck up the smart signs. Now I have to reset them after you douchebags touch them.

    • Apple employee? Highly unlikely! They are meant to be super kind

  • Linh

    the Self Service icon is definitely from CasperSuite. It’s Mac Imaging software which is from a 3rd party, it also does Mobility Management for iOS devices as well.

    check it out on this site

    It’s a little bit interesting because Apple has their own Mac Imaging solution built into the OSX Server edition…why would they use a 3rd party? maybe because they know their solution sucks?…lol food for thought.

  • Reply

    The casper suite was available before lion server…