Would you like a free iPad? Yes? Then we have an opportunity for you. Téa Smith is looking for Mr. Right. And she’s willing to give the person that finds her a husband their very own iPad.

In her quest for romance, originally reported by The West, Téa decided to take to Twitter and announce that she would exchange an iPad for her future husband. She posted an open job opportunity for the whole internet to see, and she wants results…

Téa, age 32, is a marketing consultant from Perth, Australia. She describes herself as 5’7, “chubby looking but ok. ‘Hot’ to some but I don’t believe it.” Her interests include: guitar, reading, design, “funky things” and people watching. She also says that she’ll be able to fix her future husband’s computer if need be, which is a definite plus.

So, what is Téa looking for in a man? That’s the question you should be asking if you want to win that iPad. Well, Téa says that interested applicants should be about 5’10, “Educated but not pretentious. Funny & relaxed, but ambitious. Professionals desirable. I like Mediterraneans and “exotic” men.” (Also, she’s not interested in bogans.)

She also notes, “I should also acknowledge the Android. Sure, why not. As to whether I’d date an Android fan, well…”

Even if you aren’t able to hook Téa up with her soulmate, you can still be entered to win an iPad by sharing her blog post on Twitter and Facebook. Adding the #ipadoflove hashtag is also recommended. The drawing for a winner will be done on August 15th.

Mr. Right himself won’t be left out, either. Téa says, “If you introduce yourself and ask me out and I marry you… you get an iPad.”

iPads for everyone!

We wish Téa the very best in finding her soulmate. And we’re also congratulating whoever finds her a man in advance, because this is probably the most creative way to win an iPad we’ve ever seen.

[Cult of Mac]

  • Night

    +1 for Capitalism

    • Geek

      I’ll take her

  • CJ

    I’d need more than an iPad to marry that !!!

    • Cookie Monster

      LOL! Agree with ya!

      • Nick from sydney

        Totally… Who’d waste one’s lyf for such a rubbish. Once u get marryd to her, c’ll squeeze u worth thousand ipads. Wher wud materialism lead that relation,,, evry1 can imagine!!!

  • James

    If she put the money she’s spening on iPads towards sorting that mush out maybe she would find some1 without having to advertise on facebook etc, only plus is I reckon some1 that ugly for sure puts out lol

    • soccerkrzy

      More cushion for the pushin.

  • god

    I for one dont think she looks that bad…

    • Cookie Monster

      I know right. Money makes her look less ugly, lol.

      • mercurialslush

        rotflmao…good one

  • moimoimoimoi

    hey as long as there’s a little heat and moisture in there i’d hit it.

  • Twited21

    Come on guys no need to be off about this the girl just wants happiness if she thinks the cost of an iPad will cover it then so be it
    However my advice is stay single and go on holiday 🙂

  • JetLag

    The Internet: Enabling people to insult total strangers for no reason since 1993.

  • ByteNapple

    All of you insulting her wonder why you’re not married yourself?

    • Chris

      How do you know any1 commenting is or isn’t married you tool ?? Do you somehow have a way to obtain identities and personal information from all these made up names people post with lol, I bet you are sitting in your moms basement so it’s irrelevant really dude.

      • LOL


  • emoud

    feel like the husband is sitting in this furom..

  • Man now days people are doing such a stupid things for an ipad

    • Li

      Yeah.. Still remember that Chinese girl?? She would give someone her vigrin for an iPad idiot…

      • mike

        that was a rumor debunked

  • KiraXD

    this is flawed… first… the internet… really? second… im pretty sure the fact that you have to offer anything for a soulmate negates the point of them being a soulmate. Last i checked my soulmate (aka: my wife) didnt need me to give her anything for her to love me… (other than my soul amirite!?)

    • mike

      not to be rude…but i’m gonna be. can you read? it doesnt say the soulmate gets the ipad or 500 bucks…its the person who matches them up.

      • LOL

        can you read clown? it says the person she marries also gets one.

      • bc

        You obviously can’t, LOL. The soulmate only gets one if he introduces himself to her. There’s no “also”.

  • Anon


  • Theocho8a

    Maybe if you get her laid she’ll give you an iPod as consolation

  • STK10

    Im from perth and trust me its hard to meet people here, this is no surprise at all.

    Ps if any of you can get me laid ill give you a $20 itunes card rofl

  • Ann

    Yes, I bet she’s having a hard time looking for a GOOD guy. So if you’re gonna go marry a jerk, anyway, might has well get as many options as you can. And yes, through the iPad.

  • blow the ipad i would have the girl