Apple will no longer allow users to update or restore an iOS device to iOS 4.3.3. The signing window for 4.3.3 has been closed, meaning that you can no longer restore a device to 4.3.3 in iTunes without previously saved SHSH blobs from that firmware.

This news is important for jailbreakers that are either considering using JailbreakMe on iOS 4.3.3, or those that may have possibly upgraded to an iOS 5 beta without saving their blobs. The recently released iOS 4.3.4 kills the untethered jailbreak that was previously offered in iOS 4.3.x, so 4.3.3 is the most up to date firmware that offers an untethered jailbreak.

Dev Team frontman MuscleNerd just tweeted this news. He does note that there are hopefully no 3G iPad 2 jailbreakers that got stuck on an iOS 5 beta. If you’ve updated to iOS 5 without saving your SHSH blobs on iOS 4.3.3 or below, you’re unable to downgrade and keep your jailbreak.

Apple has been stepping up its game, and 4.3.4 was released this past weekend to combat the PDF vulnerability in JailbreakMe.

If you’re already jailbroken on iOS 4.3.3, then don’t change anything! You’re at the most up to date untethered jailbreak that’s available.

If you were wise enough to save your SHSH blobs, you can find the iOS 4.3.3 IPSW from our downloads section. You can then use that firmware download with your saved blobs to successfully downgrade back to 4.3.3. Once on 4.3.3, you have access to the untethered jailbreak that provides.

To learn everything there is to know about downgrading, check out this page.

iOS 4.3.4 has a tethered jailbreak with RedSn0w, and so does iOS 5 Beta 3 (which will expire August 18th). No untethered exploits have been announced for anything past 4.3.3.

  • Ben

    Next jailbreak wait? 9 years.

  • Alex

    There was jailbreaks for OS’s before 4.3.3 just DON”T UPDATE if you want to keep your iDevice jailbroken. 😉 I sure hope there will be a JB for iOS 5 though 🙂

  • Mac

    next JB 2101 !!!!!!!

  • Dane

    Doesn’t iFaith let you create blobs for old firmwares even after apple stops signing it

    • chris

      iFaith lets you dump SHSH blobs for the installed iOS firmware on your device, means if you upgraded to a newer version than 4.3.3 iFaith can’t help you either

  • SimonOrJ

    I heard something about tricking iTunes into verifying update with Cydia link or something…

    • fojam

      you need shsh blobs saved on cydia for that

    • AMB

      Yes that when you use a saved shsh blob and a software called tinyumbrella. This is a way to downgrade BUT only if you saved your shsh blob.

    • Now it`s too late if you didn`t saved SHSH on iOS 4.3.3

  • imameto

    I hope they can JB iOS5 when it goes gold. I successfully/happily used JBM3 on our iPad2, and we wouldn’t have bought it without a JB available. We waited til a JB was available to buy it. My wife wants us to finally get smart phones, after 4+ years of old Sprint phones. But we refuse to have our choices/apps be held hostage, by the phone’s maker…
    Long story short, no JB, no iPhones for us. It’ll be android based phones for us. Heck, it may even lead to selling the iPad, since everythning on the same ecosystem would be easier. Why does Apple try so hard to keep us from buying their product?

    • Merge3263

      I Did the dame thing asures for a jaloneado for iPad 2 and bought my 64 gig the NeXT day

    • Merge3263

      I Did the dame thing waited for a jailbreak for iPad 2 and bought my 64 gig the NeXT day

  • SEEL

    ^^^ understandable but you will never sell that iPad 2. Droid is nothing like iDevice and you will be hooked for life.

  • Rick

    I’m sorry but I never looked into SHSH blobs, could someone point me to a page to look at what they are? I haven’t really needed them but I might so i’d rather be safe than sorry

    • AMB

      If you browse on top of the page I think you might be able to find all the info you need in the jailbreak section of this website.

      • AMB

        Scratch that, sorry it’s in the downgrade section:

      • Rick

        Thanks for your help, I realized I didn’t need to do the stuff manually because I used the cydia server way to save my SHSH blobs, I just didn’t realize it

  • Jen

    1. Is it still possible to update 4.2.1 to 4.3.3?
    2. If I buy a new Ipad 2 now (which will most probably have 4.3.4 pre-loaded), is there any possible way to downgrade to 4.3.3?

    • AMB

      1. Like it says in this article, sadly no. You can only update to 4.3.4
      2. Also no, if you got an iPad with 4.3.4, there is no possible way to downgrade, sorry. However if you’re lucky enough to get one with 4.3.3 (try it), then you can jailbreak with jailbreakme. Just remember to keep away from future updates until a new jailbreak is released.

    • Neil

      You can ask to open the iPad 2 then general> about scroll down and see if the base band is 4.3.3 purchase if it is if not say it’s not what you’re looking for and don’t buy it!!!

  • Jake

    I have an iPhone 3GS iOS 4.3.3 with blobs saved an jailbreaked. but I need to restore. Can anyone tell me how to restore without updating to 4.3.4? 😀

    • CJ

      Use something like iREB to put your device into DFU mode and hold down shift and hit restore in iTunes, locate the 4.3.3 IPSW and away you go, bear in mind that for that to work you will need shsh blobs saved for 4.3.3 and either a signed firmware file already created with iFaith or your host file edited to make iTunes bypass Apple when it checks to see if the IPSW is still being signed.

  • Tabs

    I’m on 4.1. How am I gonna update to 4.3.3 now?????????

    • CJ

      If you haven’t saved your shsh for 4.3.3 you aren’t gonna be able to.

  • Ahh_boi

    I heard there’s no way to downgrade on a iPad 3G, is that true?

  • Age

    hi im on 4.2.1 and looking to upgrade to 4.3.3. I have my blobs for 4.3.3 saved. Can I use the above tutorial to upgrade even though its for downgrading???? I have my own 4.3.3 blobs but on 4.2.1 firmware at present

    • CJ

      Don’t bother even doing it, 4.2.1 was a much better firmware and greenpois0n ran smoother and quicker than any on 4.3.3 but if you do want to you can.

  • bob

    i’m on 4.3.2 on my ipad 2
    didn’t get a chance to upgrade to 4.3.3 cause i was out of the country… i’m guess i’ll just wait for JBM to hopefully support 4.3.2 in the future?

    • JBM supports 4.3.3 on an 1Pad2. It worked for mine

      • CJ

        He’s on 4.3.2 not 4.3.3 and if he hasn’t got blobs for 4.3.3 then he can’t upgrade and use it, have to hope JailBreakMe is updtaed to allow for earlier firmwares.

    • merge3263

      use tiny umbrella to save ur shsh and try connecting to sauriks server and update to 4.3.3

    • Neil

      Just open safari and type jailbreakme, if it doesn’t support it will say so. You got nothing to loose

  • arc300

    I’m waiting to receive my iPad 2 in 3 weeks which I bought a month ago, I think it might be on 4.3.2., so does this mean that I won’t be able to upgrade to 4.3.3.? Will my friends SHSH Blob work on mine?

    • CJ

      No you won’t be able to upgrade and No your friends blobs won’t work, they are unique to your device.

      • arc300

        Damn!! 🙁

    • CJ

      Comex mentioned adding compatability though for earlier firmwares so if you sit tight you may be able to jailbreak it on 4.3.2 using JailBreakMe, only time will tell though.

      • arc300

        Well there’s still a small light at the end of the tunnel… it might have 4.3.3. 🙂 I really don’t know, just looking at the worst case scenario, anyways I’ve waited too long for it to arrive and when it does I’ll truly enjoy it JB or not!!!!
        Thanx for your input CJ!

  • ur mother

    it will come my friends

  • Noob Question

    Noob Question. My iPod 4G is on 4.3.3 JB with RedSn0w….. My wife’s iPod 4G is on 4.3.1 JB with RedSn0w.

    When I open up Cydia on my device I am greeted with SHSH: 4.2.1, 4.3b1, 4.3b2, 4.3.3

    My wife just says 4.3.3…..

    Does that mean that we have blobs saved on Saurik’s servers and can downgrade to those firmwares?

    • Neil

      Yes, on the very first page of Cydia near the top it will list all the SHSH files save for you. It doesn’t hurt to open TU and click on save my SHSH just to be save…..

  • Andrew

    Quick question. I’m currently NOT jailbroken, and using 4.3.3.

    If I use jailbreakme to jailbreak, so I will then be running jailbroken 4.3.3, can I then save my SHSH blobs so that if something goes wrong, I can restore?

    Or, if I jailbreak, and something goes wrong, will I have to be not jailbroken until the next jailbreak comes out?

    • Neil

      You are too late to save your SHSH, apple stop signing it a few days ago, you only hope is foe a smooth j/b, if something goes wrong you can update/restore to 4.3.4 with redsnow!! It’s the ipad2 that is not jailbreakable on 4.3.4….. Good luck

  • Mark

    I have iOS 4.3.3 on the iPad and I need to restore bc nothing will download off of Cydia. Could I delete the memory from under settings and re-jb with jbm3?

  • 3gs

    Hey I have got a jb iPhone 3gs runing on old school 3.1.3 I’ve got shsh blob just wanted to know how to make a custom upgrade with out messing my unlock


  • Daniel

    Bugga. I was going to upgrade my iPhone 4 from 4.2.1 to 4.3.3 on the weekend but I noticed that apple had upgraded it to 4.3.4.

    I didn’t realise that they were still signing it if you just downloaded the 4.3.3 IPSW file. (Must have missed that announcement).

    Fortunately I can see on my Cydia homepage that it supports 4.3.3.

    Now, assuming that I want to upgrade to 4.3.3 (obstensively so that my iPad 1 and 2) is alligned with my iPhone, can I assume that all I need to do is (on my PC):
    1. Download the 4.3.3 IPSW
    2. Change my ‘hostfile’ to point to Saurik’s server instead of
    3. Backup my iPhone 4
    4. Do the shift restore method in iTunes and point it to my file from step (1)
    5. Once done, goto and JB the 4.3.3 iPhone
    6. Goto Cydia and install whatever
    7. Restore from backup my 4.2.1 backup onto the 4.3.3 iPhone.
    8. Change my ‘hostfile’ back to Apple’s one

    I hear about things such as tiny umbrella but I have never had to use it before. FYI, I am on a PC.


    • SimonOrJ

      That’s what I was talking about: Changing the hostfile to Saurik instead of Apple!
      … but how do you do that?!

    • Neil

      You no longer need to change your host file, first need to see if 4.3.3 iOS is save, you can do this in two way with Cydia or TU. Open TU with your device connected click on save SHSH to see what iOS are save for your device, next click on start tss, then open itune ( 10.0 or higher) it will acknowledge your device hold down shift key and click on restore and then locate the 4.3.3 iOS for YOUR DEVICE and it will restore to 4.3.3 then jailbreak it with jbm3 good luck

  • Jason Masters

    Had blobs saved and tried downgrading and failed miserably now I’m on tethered jb and badeband updated as well I’m just thinking to just buy a new one unlocked from store too much hassle with this and I’ll have to wait for comex to upgrade jbme again or till 5.0 goes gold and has an untethered jb

  • Jason Masters

    5.0 might be worth the wait anyhow

  • I’m currently on iOS 4.0.1 and would like to upgrade to 4.3.3, is it still possible?

  • I’m currently on iOS 4.0.1 and would like to upgrade to iOS 4.3.3, is it still possible for me to do this?