Where has Geohot been lately? We know he recently joined Facebook, but has he had a presence in the iOS developer scene?

George “Geohot” Hotz has indeed been pretty quiet these days, and we’ve all thought that he’s been taking a break from his iOS work to focus on his new job at Facebook. That doesn’t seem to totally be the case, as he’s been spotted coding away at the iOSDevCamp in San Jose, CA.

The above picture was tweeted by a student iOS dev, Max Weisel, at a program called the iOSDevCamp, currently being held at the PayPal HQ. The camp is an “annual not-for-profit gathering to develop applications for iOS, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, using both the native SDK and web standards.

Max tweeted the above picture of Geohot coding on a MacBook Pro with the tagline, “Geohot’s learning to code all over again.”

Nice to see Geohot back in his zone. Perhaps he’s got a few things he’s working on for the jailbreak community?

  • Leon.

    He got a haircut. I really hope he comes back, and creates tweaks as well as jailbreaks, to make our devices much more awesome !

  • ic0edx

    Why would he do that if he can make $100k a year with Apple and not take the BS from the Jailbreak community. If I was GeoHot I would, I would give the Jailbreak community a finger and go make real money for the things to come in his life.

    • Craig

      It’s a good job every1 doesn’t share your opinion otherwise there wouldn’t even be a jailbreak for our devices..But I think you mean Facebook not Apple anyway lol

  • Andre

    I totally agree with Leon

    • MrA

      I totally agree with Andre

      • Ins0mnihack

        I totally agree with President Obama

  • bearmon2010

    I totally agree with MrA. I hope he is doing it legally. 🙂

    • erickcancinos

      I totally agree with bearmon2010!

      • r0cket1000

        I totally agree with erickcancinos.

  • Mac

    Nice hair cut GeoHot!!!!!!!!

  • i agree with you guys…

  • Ace

    Is it just me or does he kinda look like Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter)? Lol

  • Andre

    Lol let’s all agree to agree that he does make a return

  • Rick

    Maybe since iOS 5 is coming out he’s taking a look into the coding to look at what needs to be done for his next project

  • Jimmyk

    For pete sake he’s smarter then all of yas he’s doing what makes sence working for the underworld now didn’t ya here the news the USA is about to be takin over by china they own your children.. 6 month from now will be in a black hole… Wakeup!!

    • Craig

      He’s smarter than you that’s for sure, you can’t even spell .. Ever heard of punctuation ??

      • Jimmyk

        I’ll spell how I want.. U text like your mother when she played with your balls back when u had some! this isin’t a formal book entry toolbag it’s a free country and I’ll say what ever I want to Mr. I’m so perfect better then everyone else! Haha look around smart guy everyone uses shortcuts and spells words differently now a days 4 real 🙂 Are u a fluff head or short pickled wiggleworm??

  • Justin Binder

    Ever heard of a gym?
    Didn’t think so.

  • To be honest, I find this downright disappointing: the main guy who runs iOSDevCamp is very “anti-jailbreaking”, and actually comes off as downright condescending towards us, as if we were common thieves. 🙁

    This year, at the prompting of one of the other leads of the conference (who seemed to believe that it would be alright), I offered to be a sponsor: to give it a donation in order to help improve it (in particular, I was interested in sponsoring an all-night security guard, so that the hacking didn’t have awkward breaks during the night).

    The response I got back made it sound like they barely were willing to tolerate people like us at the conference at all, much less be willing to take my money. That they are now profiting off of exposure that GeoHot brings to it by attending, given that attitude that they have towards jailbreaking, really gets to me. 🙁

    • Sorry to hear that, Jay. That is really unfortunate. 🙁 Wonder why George was there at all in the first place then.

      • parodi77

        I think they are hipocrites, if they think people from the Jailbreak scence are thieves, then they wouldn’t had employed Peter Hajas and Geohot wouldn’t had been there..

  • xXProdoxX

    I totally Agree with Andre