Yes, you read that headline correctly. While Americans have plenty of complaints with our nation’s Transportation Security Administration, we can’t deny that one agent in particular has… gonads (pardon the pun).

That’s right, the now-convicted TSA agent, Nelson Santiago, was caught attempting to steal an iPad by means of stuffing it in his pants…

According to the Brodward Palm Beach New Times, Santiago stole over $50,000 worth of electronics over the past six months from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. His stealing streak was finally uncovered after a Continental Airlines employee spotted him taking an iPad out of a passenger’s luggage and stuffing it down his pants.

After getting caught with his pants down, Santiago was charged with two counts of grand theft, and he admitted to stealing computers, GPS devices, cameras, and other valuable electronics from the people he was supposed to be screening.

Santiago would take pictures of the stolen electronics and immediately upload them to an online store, like Craigslist. He would even sell some of the stolen items to people before his shift was over at the airport on the same day of the items being stolen. Now that takes balls.

Police estimate that Santiago stole over $50,000 in electronics over his six month stent with the TSA, and he has since been fired from his job at the airpot. The authorities did note that the likelihood of recovering the stolen goods were “slim.”

Looks like you have more than an invasive pat-down to worry about next time you go through the TSA line.


  • Cameron


  • Tbv

    Very sad. This is supposed to help protect the American public, not steal from us. This is very bad, if a person like this guy would be paid to let Terrorists smuggle a bomb onto an air plane.
    Our government need much stricter screening to hire TSA agents.

  • Echo6

    Who’s the bitch now, TSA? This cute little piece of man meat is going to be some bad man’s boyfriend when they send him to the big house.

    No wonder he was stealing. The starting salary for a TSA employee is $17,083.


    • soccerkrzy

      Seriously, where’d you learn to read? “The above rates are basic pay rates and do not include locality pay.”

      Locality pay for say, Washington DC area is $22k at a minimum, so you’re looking at a lowest salary of $39k.


      • Echo6

        As per

        “…use an “SV” grading system, which is a system of discrete grades with pay ranges that differ from GS pay ranges. These discrete grades, which are identified by letters rather than numbers, have minimum and maximum rates.”

      • soccerkrzy

        @Echo6, once again, can’t you read? You’re looking at base pay, you need to add the government locality pay as well, as I’ve already said. I think you’re just an idiot.

    • Merge3263

      wrong my fruend don’t know your source but I make twice that amount

    • Merge3263

      wrong my friend don’t know your source but I make twice that amount

      • Echo6

        You work for TSA? Are you a TSO? Welcome to our discussion. I’ll repost the website where received the information.

        This is coming from “YOUR” website if you are a TSA Agent or Employee. (LOL)

  • shanetastic

    @echo6: His salary has nothing to do with it. I’m sure that the vast majority of the TSA employees making the same amount as him are not stealing. The problem is not that he doesn’t get paid enough, it’s that he has bad values / no integrity.

    • Echo6

      One can argue that, but ok.

    • VnABC

      I agree 100%, he will still steal stuff if he got paid $50K a year. Quick cash that what he wants!

  • Danielcg

    What if a terrorist paid some TSA worker to smuggle a bomb on a plane? The TSA needs to be stricter with the people they hire.

  • geoces85

    your Pant’s! Thants the first place they are going to look.

  • Rick

    What did you expect? Low pay, very little training, background checks that are questionable at best, etc. What does that get you? 90 year olds and 5 year olds that get felt up, stolen firearms and electronics from checked baggage and VIPR teams that threaten the very freedoms we live under. 4th Amendment be damned, the TSA will do whatever the F they want to do…

  • Echo6

    Hahahaha!! Ya see!! One or Two will argue that point.

  • Alex L

    lol he got fired at the airpot.

    • Jason Masters

      Lmao I was gonna use that one except I was gonna say how does one get a job at an airpot?!!

  • David

    Seriously when is the TSA going to be disbanded? It’s a joke.

  • Echo6

    Either way,.. the guy is a THIEF and should be dealt with accordingly.

  • Cranky Hermit

    I like how everyone is assuming he will deal with terrorists.

    America: The country of Melodrama.

    • MagicDrumSticks

      Yeah seriously, the actions of one person should not represent an entire agency… especially a low level worker.

      • Echo6

        The entire agency is under a microscope and from the top down, the entire agency has lied to America about the changes it will make on the screening of passengers. The TSA should be abolished and a new form of screening should be implemented. This one “low level worker” Is a PERFECT example of the ENTIRE agency and a DIRECT REFLECTION of the person in charge.

  • Andrew

    Wow. I don’t know why, but this article has made so many racist jokes pop into my mind.

  • Simon

    I swear to god that guy stole my PS3. I flew out of the that airport 5 months ago and looked in my luggage. NO PS3! I will definetly contact the police in hope I get it back. At least I know who did it. Bastard. (Don’t bring valuable electronics in your luggage!)

  • North

    If it was a playbook would anyone care

  • Jason Masters

    That guy stole my weed !!! But shhh don’t tell anyone.

  • I think he stole my Dr Dre Beats headphone!

  • Echo6

    Wow! We have resorted to name calling now.

  • Echo6

    Ok, Einstein. Since you ate so quick with your remarks, his base pay is $17083. For the lower 48 states not listed which included Florida, his base pay + his cost of living for that locality on the low end would be about 22k to maybe 24k per year. Snide remarks will get you nowhere and actually shows how you deal with people.