Have you ever wanted a bird’s eye view of the smartphone industry? Wouldn’t it be cool to look back at the evolution of handsets from the 90s until now?

TechKing has put together an awesome infographic that demonstrates how smartphone design has changed throughout the years. Starting with the IBM Simon and ending with the upcoming iPhone 5/4S — it’s amazing to see how far we’ve come…

Anyone else notice the huge leap forward from the Blackberry to iPhone in 2007? The rest of the industry has been playing catch-up since then.

What do you think of this infographic? Better yet, how many smartphones on this list have you owned? I’m sure we all remember those awesome Ericssons from the late 90s.

  • Its awesome how iphone sped up the smartphone industry… Practically reinventing the smartphones

    • Jason

      sure did.

  • t’s amazing the great evolution of mobile phones and as more and have new and better tools with increasingly advanced applications

  • GDggff

    Fake and gay

  • Svnelvn

    The jump from 2002 to 2007 is too big. There were many revolutionary phones in between. For eg nokia n95 and many other Sony ericsson phones. It’s unfair to skip them out