And we continue our exploration of new features in iOS 5. Today we’re looking at a new feature in the camera app that brings grid lines to the screen display. The grid lines are very helpful for getting the shot straight (horizon, edges of buildings, etc, can be used to ensure the camera is leveled).

The grid lines can also be very helpful to “frame” the shot as the center is clearly visible, so offsetting any subject from the center (or not) becomes easier…

To turn grid lines On and Off, simply tap the “Options” menu in your camera (see image above). I believe this is a useful feature that could have made its way to iOS years ago.

How do you like that?

  • Dodgerdeezy


    • AMB

      Best word to describe your comment….

      Good feature, happy to see that iOS 5 looks better each and every day. Can’t wait for its release.

  • Mick

    I like this function, i’d also like to see the status bar with shoot button etc, rotate with the screen when you put the camera in landscape so the button is always at the bottom.

  • appletiser

    all fine having lines tell you where to point but framing a shot doesnt always result in a good
    picture and taking time to do it often results in the moment being missed. just point, shoot and live with whatever you capture, you’ll be suprised how often you’ll grab that rare moment.

  • Swipe to the right whilst in the camera app and see the photo you’ve just taken 😉

  • Austin

    Actually. i’m pretty sure those grid lines are to mostly help with the “Rule of Thirds.”

    • bc

      Yup. I like it, nice feature.

  • mimi

    I’m sorry but i cant find any ‘option’ button when i turn on my camera 🙁 how can i turn on my gridline or HDR?

    • Troll

      What a noob

    • nicole renee

      you cant have the camera facing you. make sure you dont have the front camera on, but the back camera. (like your taking a picture of something) then the options button should be on there.