The jailbreak killer hit again! New in iOS 5 is the ability to delete individual calls in your phone call logs. Strangely enough, we had covered a similar jailbreak tweak called CallDelete just a few days ago.

Once again, it’s a very simple yet useful feature that should have been in iOS from its creation. But hey, if Apple gave us everything we want now, what would they give us next year, right?

It’s not a feature that I’ve been dying for but it’s nice to see those simple options now available in iOS.


[App Advice]

  • BLiNK

    ding! ding! ..up next–photoalbums+

    • saleh

      they already posted about managing albums on phone

      • BLiNK

        oh ok. thank you

    • AMB

      Already done, you can make albums directly from the iPhone in iOS 5. Effectively killing photoalbum+

      • BLiNK

        correct. are you able to get it to work properly? i cannot

      • AMB

        Oh no I don’t have iOS 5, or even pa+ for that matter πŸ˜›

  • Angelo

    I think this time it really looks like Apple is actively trying to implement those tweaks into stock firmware. I mean we had never seen before that much use of jailbreak inspired features in an Original release.

    • AMB

      Best thing: it’s free

  • BLiNK

    @AMB thank you for the quick response!

    • AMB

      Ur welcome, I’m too active for my own good at the moment XD

  • James

    Finally apple is admittingbits easier to give people what they want then to keep fixing the holes people use to jailbreak! πŸ˜‰ took long enough. LOL

  • ads74

    Password for each application perhaps.

    • J.Johnson

      RIght! Thats something that alot of people could really use. I know i could.

  • Bada

    There is one more simple tweak they need to add. The ability to select multiple contacts when sending a text instead of that crappy group option thing they have. Or both coexisting like I have with the tweak groupsend.

    • appletiser

      why can’t you just choose All Contacts from the Group list and scroll through the folk you want to send the text to?

  • Jacksparrow

    It would be useful if apple also integrated black and white list to their phone app. Kinda like kuaidial but more refined. Nah iBlacklist is not too good.

  • Josh

    Managing photo albums would be very good.