We’ve seen our share of fake iPhones in the past but this is without a doubt the best one ever made. It’s so close to the real deal that it is even compatible with Apple’s official 30 pin connector and headsets.

Have a good look at the pictures below. I dare you to find out which one is real, and which one is fake. In case you can’t figure it out, we’ll give you the answer at the bottom of the post…


The fake iPhone is on the left. The real one is on the right. Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

Could you tell them apart?

[Nowhere Else via CrunchGear]

  • You can tell which is fake by quality of screen and wtf?!?!

    • Applecoder

      I agree haha

    • Greg

      Ye just look for the one with more defined app outlines lol

    • Steve Jobs

      wat an ass any stupid could tell them apart

  • DebTym

    because of the antenna? the way the iphone on the left reflects on objects while locked? shadowing of the icons?

  • JoBerlin

    That was easy. Why should the fake iPhone have GameCenter and iTunes? Apple wouldn’t allow access to those service.

  • Dead giveaway for me was the fonts on the status bar and the placement of the battery percentage. Not stock.

    The rest however, was well crafted. Could easily fool most.

    • QuarterSwede

      Same here. One look at the clock and it was all over.

    • sOleFresh


  • the chinese or japanese writing on top of the calendar

    • Lucas K.

      That’s how I figured it out haha.

  • c0edx

    The one on the left is FAKE!!!!

  • Where do I get one! LOL

  • OrangeSn0w

    I did get it right, but I honestly did have to get my real one out and compare it. Well played.

  • Matt

    I wonder if the fake one is capable of running official IOS?

  • Daniel Hernandez

    -____________- The fact that some of the apps on the one on the left are in chinese

    • Daniel Hernandez

      Also because the page thing on the bottom is off center

  • Rabbittpro

    The left one was the obvious fake…(´・_・`)

  • Leo

    Cant tellthe difference if you just look at it lol sogood! I am getting a fake one this week haha!

  • Funked

    For us Apple fanboys, the fake is kinda obvious after a few glances. But for most normal customers, they’d never be able to tell!

  • jag

    there both fakes lol

  • RandomPerson

    Front Camera

  • David

    I noticed straight away on the first picture the fake 1 on the left the calendar app has Chinese lettering on it also the status bar and screen quality.

  • Those fake ones can really get over on people!!!

  • I noticed it was the one on the left because the font is not the same and the real one looks more colorful/backer.

  • Jj

    The front camera is different that how I could

  • Hello

    Obviously the left one. Status bar looks wrong (font and battery charging symbol) and the calendar and utilities folder are in Chinese. Also, left one doesn’t have Game Center and iTunes. The page dots are on the left, not the middle, it doesn’t have the retina display, and much more.

  • Math

    The antenna and the clock, but pretty impressive.

  • Marv

    I could tell the one on the left was fake because of the lock botton. The one on the left has too much of a gap around the botton.

  • Luis

    the screen, the page dots justified to the left, the time and the old voice memo icon gave me a hint of the real one 🙂

  • bon

    distance between loght sensor and the ear speaker is the answer

  • simo

    the first image gave it a way the home button screen and the home button gave it a way. really good fake though


    Front facing camera gave it away the real one’s is way easyer to pick out

  • Vijju

    in 1st pic- Just look at the front camera on 2 phones. u know left one is a fake. the cam is little biger
    3rd pic- right one has more DEPTH than left one..

    DONE and DONE……..

  • woojoo

    if this is cheaper than the real thing, and works almost as well, ill buy it 😀

  • Lucky

    you can indentify fake iphone in 1st & last pic. in both pics display of fake iphone is in lighter shade than actual iphone i am using.

  • sas

    ahahahaha i would laugh so hard if they were both fake

  • where from can i buy this fake phone

  • Real N1ce Fake, but whats about the Price?

  • smson

    I have seen tons of shantai iphone clones and the one on the left is no different than the rest. even newbies can tell the left is fake because its quality is so inferior. All the fake iphones are entirely made of cheap materials these include cheap lcd, cheap plastic front film covering the cheap touch screen which are so fragile that they will break even if you apply little finger pressure while using the phone. Also the shantai iphones dont have retina display and do not even have real glass outer casing like the real iphones. what more can i say, the shantai iphones all run the same crappy proprietary chinese softwares which is no match to the real IOS so of course you cannot run your cydia or install any apps on them.

    there’s lot more differences between the fake and the real deal. people can even write a book of all the differences. That was so simple to recognize Sebastien. lol

  • iPhoneUser

    You can tell it’s a fake by one very simple rule. Check the battery indicator on the top right section of the phone. If it displays anything else other from the battery level, in this case of this fake, how many percent of battery power is left, it’s a fake.

  • CR7

    The first fake is and the 2 is the real