With the iPhone already available on AT&T, Verizon and being tested on T-Mobile USA currently, Sprint might be getting some iPhone love this year as well.

According to a new Apple job posting, Apple is on the lookout for a “Carrier Engineer” located in the Kansas City, Missouri area to work with carriers on technical issues. Coincidentally, Sprint headquarters is located in the Kansas City suburb of Overland Park, Kansas… 

“Location Kansas City, MO

Member of the Carrier Engineering team that supports taking products through technical approval at the carriers. A Carrier Engineer team is responsible for day-to-day technical interactions with the one or more carriers to track down issues reported by the carrier, assist the carrier with testing they might be conducting and working with program management, software development and test teams to get products approved by the carriers.”

While the job listing was posted on April 2nd, this news doesn’t come as a surprise. Last week, industry analyst Peter Misek from Jefferies & Company reported that Apple would bring the iPhone to both T-Mobile USA and Sprint this year. This move would bring the iPhone to all four major U.S carriers, which could significantly decrease Android sales.

Would you switch to Sprint or T-Mobile if they got the iPhone?

[Stop it, AT&T]

  • Shrike1978

    People who want to switch away from AT&T already have. This is going to be more for customers loyal to Sprint or T-Mobile who want to iPhone.

    • Pam

      Actually, some are waiting for the Sprint and T-Mobile introduction especially because of the increasing difficulty in unlocking of the AT&T iPhones as of late. Personally, I’d hop the T-Mobile train as soon as I could get away from AT&T once they have the iPhone too.

  • Soto

    “decrease androids sales” duh! Why was that even mention in the article. Kickstar must like andronites attention.
    To me this seems the more carriers the merrier. I’ll go with the cheapest in data plan 🙂 -Team iPhone

  • Gary

    probably mentioned it because it’s true because android OS and iOS are the most used mobile OS’s in the market. I’ll see what iOS 5 has in store before i consider switching to android :p

  • megatr0n

    I’d definitely go back to t-mobile.. was on there with an unlocked iphone but finally gave in to att. t-mobile had always been good to me. although doesn’t sprint have the largest 4g network? maybe that’s the way to go if the iphone truly becomes available under sprint.

  • Jj

    Switching back to tmobile for sure

  • Ricardodelsidney

    I would love Sprint to offer unlimited data with teathering with the iPhone. Sprint customers more than likely would be offered iPhone 5 at full cost, iPhone 4 for $49, and maybe iPhone 3GS for free.

  • Jason Masters

    Have you seen sprints prices? Compared to Tmobile I can have 3 lines unlimited everything on Tmobile where as sprint you’ll get maybe two and not unlimited and have to share minutes too!