Tired of waiting for Apple to release the next iPhone to experience faster speeds? Luckily, there’s an app for that. Well, at least there is if you are using a jailbroken device.

Speed Intensifier is a 2-part tweak that can speed up your iPhone’s performance by shortening or completely removing iOS animations. These transitional animations typically happen when you open a folder or window, and can really slow you down as you bounce between apps…

This tweak is similar to the FakeClockUp package we wrote about earlier in the year, but there are some differences. This extension actually has 2 separate installs. One for your Settings.app and the other is a Winterboard add-on.

Both files can be found in the insanelyi.com repo. For folks who don’t have the source installed already, just navigate to your Manage tab in Cydia, select Sources, and add “http://repo.insanelyi.com.”

Once the new repository is installed, do a search for Speed Intensifier. You should see the app as well as the Speed Intensifier Addon. I recommend installing both of these, as the add-on compliments the main application quite well.

The add-on’s description states that it breaks the limitations that Apple imposes on the device to save your battery. It will make your iPhone’s processors operate as if it is plugged into the wall charging.

Speed Intensifier is adjustable from your Settings app, where you can change the speed of the tweak, as well as disable it. The add-on should show up in Winterboard as 3 options: SI Underclock, Si Speedup, and Si overclock.

The developer claims that you can speed your devices up to “dectuple level” between the 2 tweaks, and it doesn’t drain your battery. While I’d agree it certainly makes your iPhone seem a lot faster, I don’t know if I’d concur that it doesn’t make your battery drain quicker, mine certainly appeared to.

I guess I will just have to play with the settings to try and find a balance between good battery life and faster iOS speeds. Both files for Speed Intensifier are free downloads if you’re looking to try it out.¬†While I don’t have any evidence to support this, I think that Speed Intensifier is quicker and more stable than the alternative.

Have you used Speed Intensifier yet? Do you prefer it or another app like FakeClockUp?

  • Manuel

    Cody, good article. You mention a battery decrease in a some what faster fashion. I’m sure you see the battery drop since this uses winterboard and it’s working with the processor of the iPhone to decrease a part of iOS which is killing animations. It makes the iPhone faster, but it also kills it as well.

    • I agree, I like this tweak but I despise how its killing my IOS.

      • Manuel

        I think ill just wait until the kinks are worked out. I use winterboard, but don’t want a mega drain too.

  • appletiser

    transitions are quicker but folders seem to open after a sticky pause, which is a little irritating.

  • Timohty/klouud

    I love it!! I use SI OverClock + SI SpeedUp + 4x multiplier in the settings.app and my phone is blazing fast!! Insane!! And not just on opening apps – it actually boost performance while downloading information and executing local processes.

    The current version is an attempt to fix the multi-task switcher button bug – while it fixes the bug, it screws with the operation of the tweak. I have submitted a notice to the dev/repo of the issue via Cydia’s notification email system.

    Hopefully we will see the multitask bug fix + the new issue fixed in the next update soon. Until then… it works most of the time.

    110% hands down my favorite tweak for the “legacy” generation iDevice


  • Beakhand

    iPhone on steroids baby yeah

  • leo

    OOMMMFFFGGGGG!!!!! i just installed and it really works man!!!.. i mean.. i imagine this would help a little, but its outstanding and even better: FREE…

  • Dude

    It’s great! But It doesn’t work with springtomize!

  • Don

    I tried both fakeclockup and speed intensifier. There really isnt much different except fakeclockup give u the ability to control the animation speed more (1.2x,1.4x,3.5x). The overclockin that speed intensifier add-on claim to do doesnt really do anything to my phone as apple has implement a limitation on how the processor works….not quite possible to overclock it (YET) .

  • BLiNK

    v4.8 is out already. if it does indeed kill the battery i’m done with it

  • Tim/klouud

    IDK what everyone is complaining about… 3GS 4.1 limera1n and my battery is fine.

  • Romie

    This is the app i sent to you guys to review wow cody your the man for this!

  • stfudvs

    Winterboards a ram hog

    Fakeclockup ftw

    • Ro

      I too like fakeclockup!

  • DomPerignon

    I started using this app about a month ago but when I found that was unnecessarily draining my battery I went back to fakeclockup.

  • bnet

    Installed this and watched my battery drain from 69% to 50% in A matter of 8 minutes. It drains the battery too fast, but does speed up everything to catch up with my ADD. Using fakeclock now and it seems to not be so taxing on the battery.

  • Daniel

    Guys, you all write about overclocking which is surely the main purpose of this app. But how about underclocking, does it work or do I misinterpret this part from the text (where it says “The add-on should show up in Winterboard as 3 options: SI Underclock, Si Speedup, and Si overclock.”)

  • Sascha

    This tweak made my 3G unusable… After installation it wanted to respring and froze during the process. After a reboot, Springboard would immediately crash again and froze again. Repeat until infinity. I had to uninstall it in Safe Mode to get my phone working again.

    Not recommended for the 3G, even though the description in Cydia says it’s compatible with all i-devices.

  • Adnan

    As soon as i installed the tweak, mine ( 3gs ) and my friend’s ( iphone 4) was blazing fast, but we both are using FOLDERENHANCER, the moment i touched a folder icon, It was OK, but when i closed the folder , i got an error or kind of, that FOLDERENHANCER evaluation period has expired or you are using an illegal copy or something…

    Same happened on my friend’s phone too.
    Now i’ve un-installed Speed intensifier and reinstalled folderenhancer, and is working as it was.

    But i don’t know what to give up, Folderenhancer or speed intensifier, coz i liked both… But right now i’m with folderen….

    This is the bug i’ve got to share and its not just me but my friend too.
    Iphone 3gs + iphone 4

    • Tim/klouud

      Send error via cydia

      • Adnan

        To whom, Speed Intensifier or Folderenhancer…THank you btw!

      • Adnan

        ANd Who is the real author, I am seeing two , one on insanely repo and other on xsellize…

        and both are different authors…Thanks

  • appletiser

    since my previous comment about this tweak I’ve had to uninstall because it corrupted my mail.app to the point where only a reboot would fix – the problem being a blank inbox with new mail notification dots down the left and the date of 01/01/2001 down the right. I couldn’t read any new or old mails or compose. since uninstalling this error has not returned.

  • It seems to be draining my battery like crazy, getting rid of it.

  • MandS

    I just installed it, have to see if is going to drain my battery.

  • Adnan

    Its working fine with “folderenhancer” now, no battery drainage noticed at all.

  • Warren

    My battery drained from 86% to 72% in under 20 minutes. I’m deleting this.

  • tony

    this thing the bomb on my i4

  • Steve

    Yes it speeds my phone up. Yes it drains my battery, but I don’t mind that. Did some side by side tests. IPhone 4 with and iPod 4g without. The difference in opening apps was dramatic. I’m impressed.

  • sreng

    I have installed but i do not have SI speedup, please help me?