Another day, another new jailbreak tweak released in Cydia. The latest jailbreak tweak is called, AppTag.

You know the little “badges” on applications on the home screen that notify you with the amount of new notifications you have? Well, AppTag is a cool new tweak that will allow you to create custom badges on your iDevice without the use of a computer.

As with most jailbreak tweaks, there are no new icons for this tweak. You can customize AppTag’s settings from the Settings app.

The tweak is available for free in Cydia. You do not need to add any new repositories to Cydia.

Have you tried this new tweak out?

  • Darrenwj

    Haha…shit。。can’t be …

  • JimmyK

    Seems pointless to me

  • BLiNK

    nice thought but i dislike badges. SpringClean FTW!

  • Jason Masters

    Fkn hilarious idb is the shit this is a tweak I like!! We should have a contest to see who can come up with the funniest or best phrase using this tweak and give away like an iTunes gift card or a case or something ????!!!

  • soccerkrzy

    Hmm, you’d think iDB would pay a little attention. Similar tweak has been released AND covered by iDB nearly 5 months ago…

  • Burge

    Been done b 4 nothing new here …please move along ..I think jeff covered the other one ?

    • soccerkrzy

      Yea, my comment is awaiting moderation since I have a link, but I linked it to it.

    • Burge

      It’s called BADGES

      • Jason Masters

        Lol btw I was high on vicodin when I wrote my first comment lmao!!! What the hell was I thinking f these badges lmao!

  • This has gotta be one of the dumbest packages yet… I hate badges as it is, why make them even more annoying by making them non-functional?

    • XepptizZ

      EXACTLY, this app sounds useless. Plus it probably messes with the normal badges.

    • Ddf


  • Sascha

    I’ve been usin “Badges” for months. Nothing new 🙂

    Comes in handy with my speed-dial-apps where I put the names of the people linked to them as a custom badge on the icons.

    Also use it as a reminder for certain apps to look for or take care of something.

  • DomPerignon

    I think this app is 100% pointless and/or useless.

  • this app is useless…

  • pyroboy1911

    the only function i like on this tweak is the ability to clear badges, where i can enter “wiggle” mode and clear the annoying Appstore badges (which is ironic since the main function of this tweak is to CREATE badges, not REMOVE them) 😛

    • Max

      There’s an app called SpringClean that can clear badges that’s been out for months, this app is entirely useless

  • what is the benefit of using it??