If you connect to an Apple Store wifi network and try to go to Cydia, you’ll get a nice little surprise. Instead of loading Cydia as it is supposed to do, you will be redirected to Apple’s own website.

I think it’s kind of a funny way for Apple to let you know they’re watching you and won’t let you pwn them in their own store…

What do you think?

[Thanks @MoeSeth]

  • orangesn0w

    Which is why I mirrored the site on my own server so they wont know…. they cant redirect me if it says im not in cydia

  • Angelo

    Mhh… thats made me think of the time when people where going to jailbreak the test iphones with jailbreakme.com ๐Ÿ˜€

    Those are the days, big apple was really pawnd! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I wonder if this will work wil ipad 1 ios4.3

    • agentk98

      Regardless. Its blocked and redirected on the local Apple network you’re connected to.

  • igeek

    See… that y I sold both my iPhone 4’s and got the htc inspire on ATT plus free mobile to mobile calling on any network… tired of apple… we can’t restore without switching computets…

    • Jon Garrett

      Im doing the same when the contracts on our iphone 4’s run out. tired of apple and their dictatorship-like control.

  • igeek

    See… that y I sold both my iPhone 4’s and got the htc inspire on ATT plus free mobile to mobile calling on any network. tired of apple. we can’t restore without switching computets.

    • Weebsurfer

      I’ll say it… And you still browse and comment on the iPhone download blog. You long for the days of the sweet responsiveness of an apple touch screen… Admit it!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • igeek

        Lol loser.. I still jailbreak and unlock iPhone… I sell iPhone 4’s everyday… waitibg til the 5.

      • Luis

        of course lol loser.. You still sell iphones because no body whould sell used htc. that is the difference apple use to have.

      • igeek

        Wow dealing with simplistic tards… I have iPhone laying around… get em sell them… like.I said illiterate retards… its to much Bs to do just to update… just being real.. I love apple..

      • Weebsurfer

        Wow. Hope I’m not being included amongst the “tards”. Harsh. I thinking gonna stop using “…” too much. That IS quite irritating.

        But yeah. Can’t wait for the 5. And too see how it changes everything again, and again… again.

        But on te actual subject. Would suck if key JBers were in the contest and signed a contract saying they wouldn’t be allowed to distribute the hack.

        “It’s a TRAP!” comes to mind.

    • Osohdoydhhpdohsohxhdhwlhdohxncphdp

      Good for you. Now get Astro File Manager and download some .APK.’s off 4shared. Then install the .APK files.
      (P.S. .APK files are android apps.)

  • Manuel

    Please, I remember when all those iPad’s, iPhone 4’s iPhone 3G’s and iTouchs had cydia on them from Comex lol. Oh man, was that just priceless.

  • 7h0mAs

    The way it works is that they just blocked that webpage. they hooked up there system so it redirects to the apple website. all that really happens when you open cydia is it opens a webpage it is just NSWebView for the devs like myself

    • Manuel

      Let’s see them do that with the 3G iPad 2’s in the Apple store. If they do that, then I’ll be a bit worried.

      • 7h0mAs

        Actually thats impossible for apple to do Rogers, Verizon, AT&T Or Bell Could do it though.

      • 7h0mAs

        Hope they dont though
        I Hope they support JBing

  • 7h0mAs

    You Can get my app on Bigboss when it comes out! Name is texter.
    Off topic i know ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Does not suprise me apple having to control everything next step take over the world. Love m new androide phone so far its better then my old IPhone 4 yes this is my opinion. Don’t like it don’t reply

    • Manuel

      I don’t think the issue is not that we don’t like it, but it’s that your on an IPHONE site lol.

      • neardeath

        I like to be updated on everything Tech I am not a one brand man.

  • Bobajob

    Cydia via a proxy would still work.

  • ip5

    I love iphone bcoz there’s a lot of stuffs to do with it, e.g apple’s restriction. Love to follow the cat & mouse game, never feel boring with it. I dun like other phone bcoz if u hacked it once it will stay forever, quite bored. lol

  • Britta

    This is almost certainly not an issue with Apple blocking Cydia — lots of people on Reddit agree that Apple actually has a whitelist for websites viewable on Apple Store wifi. (So even sites like Reddit redirect to the Apple site.)

  • That is really true new

  • Bobby

    Ive had an android phone. omg…SUCKS…everyone i know that has a brain has gotten rid of them.
    they are a piece of crap. Apple iphone with JB is the best. i KNOW..ive had both at the same time.
    And Samsung?? with Android…is the total kiss of death. Such a hassel to do anything with them .
    POS …
    Iphone JB is the way to go. the ONLY way to have a smartphone…Those that dont like iphone CANT GET THEM. Many of the people that talked negatively about the iphone were VERIZON customers. Guess who is getting the iphone now?? LOLOLOLOL… the very ones who HATED the iphone….

  • akalaopo

    by some week, if you are connected to the apple store wifi, every website you try to navigate in will redirect you to the apple official website.
    not only cydia.

    (in the apple store in Milan works like this, i think also in the other worldwide)