In case you ordered an iPad 2 online on Friday early morning, then you should get it delivered soon. I ordered 2 iPads at exactly 12.53 am on Friday and I got them delivered today, even though the FedEx tracking system said I wouldn’t get them until tomorrow.

I don’t know why Apple shipped them in 2 separate boxes but they did come separately. In the end, it doesn’t really matter. I’m just glad they’re here.

In case you’re wondering why I ordered 2 iPads when and also stood in line on Friday to get another one, it’s simply because I want to surprise my Mom and my future mother in law with them. My Mom has always wanted an iPad since she first saw mine last year. Unfortunately she can’t afford it so I’m glad I can, and I’m sure she’s going to be very excited. The one iPad for my future in law is to thank her for putting up such a wonderful wedding for Tina and I (April 2nd).

Here you go, you have the story of my life.

Have you received your iPad 2 yet? If not, what does the FedEx tracking system is saying about the scheduled delivery date?

  • galronn

    Mine says “Prepared for Shipment” for the past 2 days and i ordered mine at 1:16am. What the hell does that mean? Ship it already. Although the delivery date still says: Mar 18 – Mar 25

  • Ace

    I ordered mine around 1:45ish am. I’m still waiting for the email that says “YOUR IPAD 2 HAS BEEN SHIPPED!” -.-‘ I was hoping to have my ipad 2 by this weekend but it looks like it’s not gonna happen. Delivery date is supposed to be anywhere between 18-25

  • Ordered mine seconds after the apple store orders went live for orders. It had listed shipping out between 4-5 days and delivery was 10-15 days or so after. Turns out it shipped in 24 hours and was delivered on the 15th eventhough the FedEx shipping estimate said it would be delivered today (the 17th). I posted a couple initial thoughts here:

  • Jose

    Mine too, delivered on March 15th and ordered on Friday