One of the biggest things I’m concerned with on my smart phone is battery life. What good is a wireless phone if it always needs to be plugged in? With some of my older iPhones (iPhone 2G, 3G), it was a major issue. But since I’ve gotten my iPhone 4, it’s never really been a problem.

I’ve had Android and Blackberries for work phones in the past, and I can honestly say the iPhone 4 is the best when it comes to battery life. Well it looks like my experience are in line with most everybody else’s, as cnet test results confirm that the iPhone is top dog…

The iPhone 4 from AT&T was able to playback video for 9.9 hours straight, while the Verizon version topped it with 10.3 hours. The best Android competitor was the Google Nexus S, made by Samsung, which checked in at 8.1 hours. Coming in dead last is the HTC MyTouch 4G, the one you see in the T-mobile commercials bashing the iPhone 4 for lack of wireless video chat, at 6.6 hours of video playback.

The audio playback tests were even more enlightening. The Verizon iPhone 4 topped out at 67 hours of audio playback, while the HTC MyTouch 4G topped Android phones with 21 hours. It was also interesting to see that the AT&T iPhone, while still well above the Android competition, came in at 40 hours of audio playback.

What’s with the 27 hour difference? Unlike the video tests, the audio playback trials were done with airplane mode off, so it’s likely they were in an area with poor AT&T coverage. When a phone constantly searches for service, the battery will drain quicker due to the strain.

Has anyone else seen similar playback times or have their own iPhone 4 battery life opinions? Tell us below!

  • Luke

    mines horrid. full charge overnight, unplugged at 8 am, down to 70 percent in less than 2 hours with barely any usage.. mostly listening to music in school..

    • Igeek

      Android OS in general eats the battery life… With all the wannabe computer based bs of course it’ll eat the life out of a removable battery

    • Zaherul

      Hey dude/s, just a little advice, don’t do long charges on the iPhone/iPod/iPod touch as the battery heats up and wears down – I never leave mine on over night charge, and I find what works best is to give it short bursts of charge and maximum or a 2 hour charge and then a take it off regardless of how full the battery is. If the battery ain’t fulll I will top it up on short bursts until it’s full as this will allow the charge to happen without over heating the cells. My iPhone has been good with battery. Hope that helps

  • arnold

    Where can i find a theme like this?

  • anon

    love the battery life on my iphone 4

  • Tim

    my iphone 4 can last 2 days during a school week. During normal usage, generally about 1 day.

  • Steph

    My Verizon iPhone 4 goes off charger at 6am and is usually down to 30% by 3pm with light to moderate usage.

    • jonny

      Something is wrong with your iPhone then. My iPhone gets 2 days with heavy use. 3 if I manage it right.

      • Yasin

        Have u jailbroken ur iphone

  • adidas

    Android users tend to do more n CAN do more on their phones. Iphone 4 has better battery life bcuz its so single tasked. I run widgets multiple apps n listen to music. My g2 lasts about 8 hours. And yes I’ve had multiple iphones n androids. My blackberry 9700 can last up 2 days but u can’t do more than talk text n moderate web with the crappy browser

    • Manuel

      I disagree. Android phone’s are good, but an iPhone jailbroke makes Android phones rooted or not look like child’s play. You can get some okay juice out of Android phones, but most of the time, you have to do so much that your smartphone is not a smartphone. I like the single task because it’s manage correctly and allows actually use my phone and not force me to look for an outlet. When I had Android Phone’s, I always had to bring a charger. With my iPhone, I never do. I go out from 7AM and get home at 11 with 40% left. I make calls all day, texting, email, browsering, 3G and Wi-Fi while I’m at my school. In terms of multitasking, Apple’s is crap, but Android’s destroys your battery. You have to use task kill every 2 seconds and so many things that shouldn’t run in the background pop up after using it. Even apps you don’t use nor opened reopen again. Things that aren’t part of the OS either. I was an Android user for 2 years and was part of the Rooted Community back when I had my G1, Vibrant, Droid and Hero. Not knocking Android, but their OS is a huge battery hog in ways it shouldn’t be.

      • Tbv

        I agree with you. I am a moderate user and my iPhone 4 battery would last 1 to 2 days. When I had my Vibrant(android), the battery would last me 12hrs before battery power is at 15 to 30%. I would carry a charger with me everywhere I go when I had he Vibrant. I do not carry any charger with me when I use iPhones.

    • b1scu1t

      All the more reason why apple chose to do multitasking the way they have, which I do appreciate.
      It definitely doesn’t mean you can do LESS on an iPhone…

  • Peter Griffin

    Android Phone’s are horrible at battery life. I owned a G1 and when I first got the phone, I called T-Mobile thinking the battery was a defect. I got a 3GS and it was 99 times better. I felt like I could actually use my device. Then when I sold my iPhone 4 to get off AT&T, I got a Droid2 Global and it was worst. I spent 40 extra dollars to get an extended battery, which I didn’t understand why I should have had to buy it since it should have came stock with the phone from the start. The phone was still crap, forcing me to not play games or hear music. My Smartphone, the phone that “Does” couldn’t do anything but make calls or handle text messages. Worst yet, if your an Android user, your friend is Task Kill. Every time, hit the task kill. It’s sad that the reps who sell you the phone tell you download task killer to save battery.

    I got my iPhone 4 back with Verizon and it’s better. It doesn’t take a whole night to charge the phone completely like Android phones, and it takes years to die. 2 Days in a half MAX with my iPhone, texting, playing games, hearing music, watching a vid or two, and Wi-Fi always on, and always checking my mails.

  • Yasin

    My battery dnt even one fullday
    I think its a problem because of greenpoision jailbreak

  • Yasin

    My battery dnt even last one fullday
    I think its a problem because of greenpoision jailbreak

    • Install push doctor through Cydia and your problem is solved

      • tom

        how do you do tht ?? i have the same problem

  • ape

    droid phones have too many junk running in the background and flash running. They should use a rooted droid phone with all junk wares removed and flash disable

  • Vitaliy

    Apple has done multitasking smart way, you DO NOT need most apps constantly running in background, and WHEN you do need them they are there “just frozen on the moment where u last left off. I actually never am worried about my iPhone 4 battery, as I am used to charge it before i go to sleep. I use iPhone all day long listening to music, on wi-fi, heavy txting, emailing, video and photo shooting, and many other things. And my friends’ EVO 4G dies like after two hours of usage, he carries charger everywhere with him- to work, in the car. I never see him without charger LOL. Gives me smiles every time ^^

    • Vitaliy

      He’s never on 4G either lol, even thought we live in full coverage 4G area, if he turns it on – phone dies like in an hour LOL

  • Vincent

    Those with less than great iPhone 4 battery life, I’m guessing it’s because your jailbroken. Modifications that use Mobile Substrate are the ones that kill battery, since Substrate is like having another OS running on top of iOS.

    • Manuel

      Jail breaking actually saves batter life unless you have themes. My phone has heavy themes, a lot of ad ons, and I still get the 2 days on it. I think it depends on how your using your phone.

      Like those using backgrounder, if you use it right, you can save your battery even more. Also, to the person who said Apple’s muliltasking saves battery, it really doesn’t. When you have to much apps still open “in the muliltask” its saved in memory. To hold the saved state in the memory, the cpu must work harder the more apps that run, killing the battery.

      I have it that all apps kill themselves when I hit the home button, but a double click backgrounds them. Its better when you control the tasking, not Apple in my opinion.

  • dabe

    My jb 3GS lasts about 9 hours with HEAVY use. A day with moderate use. My buddy at work has an Evo it always seems to be sitting in the office charging! Lol

    Glad to hear that the iPhone 4 improved so much, can’t wait to get one

  • Xepptizz

    I’m on my first second day on one charge wih the iphone 4 and still 45 charge left. But. Do manage a lot includeing the airplane mode. But the stand by time seems legit

  • w

    My 3gs last less than 4hrs with heavy use (9 hrs you were probably on wifi). With my new android phone (hd2 with mdj cm7), I just pop a new battery in when its running low on juice. I carry 2 batteries with me (way smaller then mophie @ 2x1200mAh).

  • iPhone 4 here. With a full charge, I’m able to last through a whole day (over 15 hours) with medium usage (texting, 20-30 emails per day, RSS, Twitter).

    Without any jailbreak tweaks, the battery feels like it can last forever.

    Browsing Cydia and downloading from the App Store is where the terrible battery life’s at. 🙂

  • Steve

    I sport an evo, which is probably the worst offender as far as battery life goes. That being said, now that I’m used to android and know my way around the settings I have my battery easily lasting a day, normally two with average usage. I also sport an extra battery ($10 on ebay) so I can normally go 3-4 days without charging if I need to. Now if I turn the 4g antenna on it’s a whole other story. With it going the battery is dead by 7pm.

  • Kevin

    omg, I had the Evo 4G with Sprint. I was excited and leary of 4G coming to HR because my battery life was an atrocity on just 3G. I had to connect to wifi whenever available to save battery life. Sure it has a lot of great features and there are some things I do miss but one thing I don’t is feeling like a crackhead looking for my next “charge fix”. I always took my charger. Just driving to work with the phone on the seat was 10% battery. I hated rebooting because I’d have to go thru and force stop all the crap in the background that task killer wouldn’t permanently kill. I felt like I spent more time trying to save battery than enjoying the phone. I didn’t feel confident unless it was plugged in! With my iPhone 4 the charger stays at home! I look at my co-workers chained to their desks with their Evo chargers running up from under the desk and I’m walking around streaming Pandora and such on one charge! I’ve installed more apps and noticed a decrease in battery but I guess that’s normal. Still no comparison though!

  • Kim

    Does anybody know how long the battery will last while shooting video? I haven’t owned an iPhone but am contemplating the iPhone 4 but need to know whether I’ll have 2-3 hrs of shooting time/space on it. Thanks!

  • Kenny D

    Mine iPhone 4 lasts 2 days, sometimes 3. And with little usage I was able to get 4 days out of it. I have had it for over 1 1/2 years. I make sure I have below 20 percent batter and leave it on the charger for a full night. I also turn it off overnight and on when I get up in the morning

  • I agree my parents has the iPhone 4 and it is great as I saw the HTC which is made by android it didn’t last at allll!!!!