As usual, Apple has seemingly created a juggernaut as tablet competitors are already going back to the drawing board after the March 2nd announcement. But is all the media attention and strategic marketing enough to crown Apple the king of the tablets?

Maybe. Although they might have done enough to please the fanboys, I’m going to play devil’s advocate and give you 6 good reasons why the iPad 2 sucks.

Screen Resolution

Rumors were flying left and right about the iPad 2 housing a Retina display, same as the iPhone. The iPad 2 will actually retain the same screen resolution from the iPad, so no upgrade there. With HD video recording capabilities and an, why wouldn’t you want a nice, sharp screen to view your content?

Weak Cameras

Where’s FaceTime HD? Apple’s latest MacBook update added FacetimeHD, a High Def version of their popular video chat app. The rear camera on the new iPad says HD, but doesn’t give megapixel count. There is also no LED flash. Apple mentions advanced backside illumination anyways for better low light shots, but I would prefer an LED flash.

Aging 3G Technology

We saw it with the iPhone. Apple tends to not jump on new wireless network technology. iPhone 3G came about a year after areas were seeing 3G speeds. The optimistic were hoping to see 4G LTE in the new iPad. But with battery life and reliability still questionable on the new technology, they decided to stick with the aging 3G technology. You could have at least built the hardware in and give users the option to upgrade at a later time, when 4G was in more markets, like the Motorola Xoom tablet

Still No Expandable Memory?

Some of the earlier iPad 2 rumors suggested it might have a Micro SD card slot for expandable, removable memory. Well we haven’t seen it on a mobile Apple product yet. iPods, iPhones, and the iPad have all had SSD drives with no option to upgrade. Many, in fact all, of Apple’s major smartphone and tablet competition house MicroSD card slots so it’ll be interesting to see if they ever cave.

Still No I/O option?

We were hoping to see USB or even Thunderbolt (Apple’s new lightning fast I/O) come to the iPad 2 but all we got was an HDMI chord. Which is nice, don’t get me wrong, it just would have been nice to get an actual USB port to read jump drives, and attach cameras and other peripherals without the need for adapters and OS tweaks.

Still No Flash

Now there was nobody expecting this to change. Apple has made its beef with Adobe’s dominant web platform, Flash, very public. In fact none of Apple’s iDevices run Flash. But 80% of the 100 most visited websites use Flash. Although it hasn’t seemed to affect sales at all, all of Apple’s major competition in the tablet industry are Flash capable.

Now all that being said, I think Apple’s new iPad will be very successful. In fact, I’ll probably sell my original iPad on eBay and go and get the iPad 2. But I will only be paying $100 difference or so. If I had to shell out another $500 for the iPad 2, I wouldn’t do it. This model doesn’t have enough new features to justify spending that kind of money, again.

Do you think the iPad 2 sucks? If so, or if not, raise your voice by leaving a comment below.

  • wyn

    All this negative talk about ipads…
    Come on people.
    There is still one extremely useful function for an ipad or ipad 2, that no one on this planet
    has though about yet.
    And yes this is truly for the creative minded people !!
    Olympic Discus throwing !
    Yes, we should have an official international competition for this.
    I can imagine there would be many people willing to participate in such an event

    The criteria to enter would be …………………

    ( humour me people !! )


  • ray

    It does suck there is a limit of comments I can put on YouTube

  • Ace

    got an ipad2 for my son recently, and have been playing with it for few weeks now. and i think it sucks. the damn thing hang on me 4-5 times. twice the damn safari web browser hang, then another 2-3 times the whole system gotta go through a reset by itself…. and try do some serious typing on it, you will be so damn frustrated by it….

    it is only good for games for kids, perfect for my son. you want to do serious thing? no way, its a f**king toy.

  • Crapple

    Hey Steve…. IS FLASH DEAD YET? AHAHAHAHAHAH… Only ones getting hurt by Apple’s irrational stand against the core platform for media delivery on the Internet is CRAPPLE!

    • Matt

      ahaha! soo funny!

      he’s dead.

  • To be honest, the technology industry disappoints me left and right. Microsoft’s Windows 8 is so far looks like it’s gonna suck. Just stick with Windows 7 technology! It was good, until this iPad stuff started. Now, I am losing respect for apple.

  • DennisT

    It’s a joke. I get more work done on my etch-a-sketch.

  • andrew kappler

    its not that the ipad2 sucks it is just like every other technology from cell phones to computers to mp3 players it is still in its infantry and like all technology you buy one and 6 months later another comes out better it is just your choice to buy one now while it is still young and thats no problem or wait until you are satified and buy one then

  • I pad 2 sucks and I cannot view videos or even check my school email. it is not worth the money perriod. ๐Ÿ™

  • My andriod phone does more than ipad2

  • harris

    i’m definitely agree with ipad 2 is a god damn SUUUCK!!!
    i bought it 4 days ago, and that is enough time for killing me softly with error, hang, limitation, etc.

    – i had “home button” issue (the store replace it with the new one because of home button won’t response)
    – youtube thumbnail, movie thumbnail issue
    – wifi, safari, native app store issue

    galaxy tab much more better.

  • Trevor

    Of course the technology exists! I own an iPad 2 and I am disappointed at a few things.
    1. You need a computer to update your iPad. the iPad should be standalone.
    2. Flash is unavailable but you can watch Apple’s videos and movies no problem.
    3. Apple act stupid but are very clever. Take for instance the camera issue in the iPhone. Earlier iPhone’s had only a front camera and all of a sudden Apple “learn,” how to make a back camera too. Rubbish. They leave a feature out so that by the time the iPhone 20 and iPad 15 come out they will magically be complete.

  • K. Stevens

    I received my iPad 2 Friday. After unpacking it I already had to return it due to a bad connector so it did not even launch itunes or could not charge. When I finally got one home for a test drive, I was very disappointed. Almost every app that works great on my iPhone does not work on the iPad. I spent an entire weekend troubleshooting crap on this POS. The rest of the time I was suffering anxiety from buyers remorse.

    Up side? I have 14 days to return it no questions asked. BS there are always questions.

    Final thoughts. The iPad 2 is a device for people who cannot read the display of an iPhone. And an over priced ebook reader.

  • Wood

    I agree, the iPad, like so many apple products SUCK ! Especially the old 3G technology and no inherent phone, and activesync is SHIT AND no flash, expandable memory, or IO support

  • Dave Newey

    Buy the Acer a500 does everything and has everything the ipad has not far better tablet

  • Vyshakh

    wtf…its the best…it has some more features which other tab doesnt have

  • Ipad’s suck all together get a xoom it rocks and apple will never run flash it is in there user agreement they will never run it because they are Nazi’s who want to dominate all content if they put flash on you could watch video other places people could make programs easily through flash and you wouldn’t be buying it from the app store were you pay then or from wich they have approved the content

    Don’t get me wrong I have an Iphone I like it but I just barely tolerate the fact I can’t use flash on it

    plus I sold my old phone to a guy droped his droid and then stepped on it smashing the screen so with my upgrade I only paid 12 bucks for the tax for a new iphone 4 so that’s cool with me

  • i have an ipad2,and im very disapointed about it,i have a galaxy tab 7,and a acer iconia a500,both with android,both have usb port,i can see my movies directly from it,i can download music,instead of buying it from the stupid itunes,and you cant even put live wallpapers or widgets in an ipad2 i thought apple was all about design,both galaxy and acer,have sd card slot,my ipad2 is 16gb (it really comes with 13gb) and it totally sucks,in my opinion the ipad is not that great,i dont hate it,but i dont love it either

  • Anonymous

    wow.. umm do you any of you losers even have an iPad? have you ever even seen its capability ?? they are amazing.. and i actually work for apple and all our customers having nothing my amazing things to say about our products ESPECIALLY the iPad 2 owners its great for all of you to have an opinion if you actually own one and don’t like it but i bet the majority are just going off rumors and he said she said BS/ go into an apple store and actually play around on one.. i promise you.ll feel differently.. unbelievable

    • Yes, I do have an iPad2. Still think it sucks. I guess I just prefer a general purpose computer compared to the crippled appliance that is an iPad. It is cute and convenient for watching a quick video or catching up on my twitter feed, but annoying for most any real work. I usually use a netbook for work…. does pretty much everything the iPad can and about a billion things it can’t (USB, flash, multiple apps on same screen, etc. etc. etc.).

  • Just got ma Ipad 2…………last monday…it really really SUCKS ! It,s facetime camera sucks.
    2..The screeen resolution is poor

  • Vjekoslav Buriฤ‡

    Just buy a netbook or something similar for that price…

  • Anonymous

    If anyone wants flash on their iDevices download the Skyfire browser. It brings Flash to Apple products but is kindda slow. It is 3.99 on iPhone and iPod Touch. But really Flash is dead. ‘Cause of Apple killed it by not offering it on their devices. Boatloads of people have them and Flash is not on it so people changed their web pages so people could read them on their iDevices. Still a lot of videos need Flash. I am not paid to promote Skyfire I just like to use it on my iPod Touch. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Good little toy, but friggin useless otherwise. Apple wants the world to morph into their shadow- dancing spaz figures, programmed by the media to believe they are hipper-than-thou … but truth is … Apple costs more, delivers less. Never more apparent than in their tablets. No Flash!? No Office?! No Adobe ANYTHING??! Great for games. But not much else. Can’t work on it. Can’t delete photos from it. CAN play Angry Birds, though!

  • Anonymous

    Fuck ipad2 on YouTube is so damn slow. It takes forever to load up YouTube videos my laptop is much faster and its using the same internet. I know that of Ouse my computer has a faster processor but still apple could have done a better job on software to optimize the speed of watching YouTube videos

  • Anonymous

    NEVER Buy an iPad. It is only an expensive toy. You CANNOT do anything serious with it at all, unless you jailbreak it.
    You can buy an adapter and connect it to your beamer or TV. Works perfectly up to the moment you want to watch a film you purchased on iTunes (Sucks also by the way). Then it blocks the output and tells you “protected video is not authorised for this screen”.

    You see? It sucks!!! Total waste of money! Get an Android Pad that is open and you can just plug it to your computer, use it as an external drive, open the files you moved to the tablet ON THE TABLET ITSELF (witch you cannot on the iPad unless you jailbreak it).

    As a Mac-User I had expectations for the iPad. I say expectations, because I see no use whatsoever in this device now!

  • When you open email button without any default value and say wish to login to yahoo mail account, the keyboard does not have “underscore” button. New email user, avoid “underscore” in your email I’d or password.

  • aclowe

    Have to enter a credit card to get “FREE” apps from te apps store? I’m returning this IPad for an ANdroid tablet ASAP!

  • notthrilledatall

    all apple products suck,being tied down to what apple wants you to do to have to buy and don’t work.why no split screen,getting apps to work takes too long and very misleading,updating apps all the time,if I am not satisfied why can’t I get a refund or free trial?no hardware on the damn things to add to,why is the font in grey and ,their forum really really sucks,no issues are really solved,if I tell you I have an issue solve it with more answers than give me more info,you came up with the damn product you should know what the issues are.No flash ,get with it.why can’t I have more than 1,2or 3 accounts to go with the iPad if I have more than 1 to sync to a Mac pc?stupid.if something worked it still should work no matter what upgrade you come up with.wireless printer worked with app now doesn’t.why should I have find or resolve what the problem is.i could go on and on,but you get my drift.Too much advertisements also.

  • Eric

    The gps unit sucks too. I have quit using a couple of aviation apps because the moment I’m airborne, the gps can’t find a location. You’d think in the air with ground clutter removed it would get better but no. The app developers say to get an external unit. Uh, no. $$$