Engadget has the picture of a shelf tag for a 16GB white iPhone 4, supposedly spotted at a Best Buy location in Houston. At $599, we can only imagine this is a contract-free iPhone.

There has been more and more rumors lately about the availability of a white iPhone 4, which might lead us to think Apple’s own unicorn might indeed hit the shelves sooner than later. Heck, even Woz confirmed it

So what do you think? Real or fake? At this point, who’s even waiting for the white iPhone 4 anyway?

  • They’ll most likely release it on the 13th.

  • Jason Masters

    Nope the 14th

  • Pedro


  • Jason Masters

    Maybe it’s not a white iPhone but a whit iPhone lol

  • nitesh

    i think its not fake..;)

  • MrA

    Im getting one and then selling It for lots of $$$ when iPhone 5 is released.

  • Justin

    If you get it from Best Buy and don’t like it, they will buy it back from you for 299.50!
    Thats what I can tell from the email I got from them explaining the ‘Buy Back’ program they are starting.