A few days ago we reported about a “big surprise” to come in the next version of GreenPois0n. At the time, we speculated it could be a baseband downgrade that would allow for an easier unlock.

The surprise was revealed today by JayWalker, who is apparently helping out the Chronic Dev Team with GreenPois0n. I hope you didn’t have your hopes too high up there because you’re going to be disappointed as JayWalker confirmed that the surprise is custom animated boot logos

The current plan is for this animation to be available for your boot animation via Cydia. Additionally you will have source to make your own.

A video was also posted on YouTube. Spoiler alert: this is a boring video! Skip to 1.49 to see the animated logo work for just about a second.

So, was this the big surprise you were expecting?

[Thanks Benjy]

    • G

      Wagwan jeff I know u know ur shit wen it comes to idevices . Right I’ve got bokeh hd installed n wHen I go to emails the sender n reciever(me) bits are blacked over exactly enuff so u can’t see a single letter. Is this just the theme? I have tried playing about a Lil bit so I wondered if maybe I’ve deleted something . Holla

      • Try uninstalling that theme, that’s likely what it is.

  • Burge

    On what idevice .. 3GS ? Or just A4 chip

    • I don’t think the 3GS’ chip is powerful enough to handle that insane animation.

  • Fahim

    i was expecting a unlock with the Jailbrake

  • Night

    I think is an ok surprise that was taken out of proportion by speculation

  • Andrew

    I don’t reboot enough to care about animated boot logos, but since I’m not unlocked, and don’t have any plans or need to unlock, this is a better surprisef or me than anything to do with unlocking 🙂

    Does it / can it add an animated respring logo too? That would be more interesting to me.

  • anynomous

    getting the option to boot in verbose is good enough for me!

  • jailbreaklisten

    How much memory/ram is this gonna take up in my device. -____- not necessary.

  • Dodgerdeezy

    So how about the 4.2.1 JB?? that would be the best surprise of all

  • Bullet933

    Big friggin’ deal. Just release an untethered JB for those of us who bought new devices under the curse of 4.2.1 and I’ll be a happy guy!

  • Burge

    Thay should hold off from releasing the jailbreak .. I know alot of people want it now but 4.3 just might drop after the Verizon gets released ..something like the 13th or just after ! What’s afew more days

    • Bullet933

      I believe pod2g has already tweeted (last week?) that this version of GP would NOT work with 4.3. So why should they wait?!

      • Burge

        Didnt know that so….. release the thing already ….

  • james

    wow… i was hoping for a self updating jailbreak, but after a while i thought that was too much and settled on a jailbreak like jailbreakme but this is completely and totally unimpressive. thanks for making me hope…and then destroying it!!!!!!!!!!! but really why would the Dev team make so much hype about this?

  • aNdrew

    yea.. me too. i’m hoping for untethered for 4.2.1 =) this is the important part!!

  • It’s willy bitch

    Well apple never said the iPhone was for globule, so why did people unlock, now people have to unlock their iPhones every time they update, Wow,

  • It’s willy bitch

    Bit again…..THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME!!!! 😀

  • DomPerignon

    Hmmm… Is this the teaser for this week? If it is so, it is lame. Let’s hope for a better teaser next week.

  • fojam

    how do you make your own animated boot logos?

  • MALdito

    o_0…. -_-….. :-(…. Disappointed……..

  • Lame.

  • 229Mick

    Not that I don’t love listening to 2 minutes of shitty music for no reason, but if you just want to see the one second animation, jump to 1:50.

    • Justin


  • Justin

    haahaahhahahaha that was the dumbest thing, its not even cool

  • Alex

    Greenpoison just releases mac only though fucking gay

  • sean

    I want a windows jailbreak and i want it NOW

  • fojam

    hehehehehehe i have hackintosh so i dont have to wait 😛

  • Vincent

    Sigh! Dissapoonted. I really don’t want another gimmick that is unnecessary and will just slow down the booting time of my iDevice. Will there be an option to not install the animated boot logo in a future update of greenpois0n?

  • Kitty

    Couldn’t agree more with Vincent. I’m so put off by the hideous boot logo that it’s almost enough to keep me on 4.1 and 3.2.2 indefinitely. I’ve been patiently waiting for this JB on my iPhone 4 and iPad, and I very much appreciate the work that the devs do, but . . . I’m in my early 30s and I jailbreak for a very few officially purchased things like Infinidock, SBSettings, and most of all for Grooveshark. I travel a fair amount for work, so an untethered jb is out of the question. I also am a bit superstitious, and loathe the idea of seeing a preternaturally fugly skull logo every time I reboot my phone (which is frequently – near capacity from photo/video needing to be uploaded, or a Cydia app update, even random “surprise” crashes I’ve had from a few Apple app store apps-Camerasync, I’m looking at you). I’ve also been noticing that my JB iPhone 4 takes almost twice as long to reboot via SBSettings than my iPad does, even though my iPad has at least 2-3x the amount of apps and stored data.
    In addition, I have a POS pc, and something about SSH never works for me, the connection drops out before I can do anything, so “SSH in and replace X with Y” is not something I can achieve. Overall I think it’s really lame to include this as a boot logo for every time you boot the phone. I’ve purchased at least $40-50 worth of apps from the Cydia store, so please see my comment in light of someone who is a business professional looking for more android-esque customization and productivity tweaks, not a very young person who is primarily interested in theming my iPod touch and pirating games.

  • Kitty

    Just wanted to add – I know Grooveshark is free on Cydia, but the annual subscription is not.It’s now $9/month, although I bought one of their promo deals. I also realize SBSettings is also free, but things like Auto3G, 3GUnrestrictor, ScreenDimmer, a BiteSMS license, etc are not, and some of those toggles are half of what makes those things so quick and useful. Re-reading my comment just now, I realized I might either look like a moron or a liar by claiming the $40-50 worth of purchases. 🙂
    For now I guess I’ll watch and wait for a week or a few weeks and see if I can find non-ssh instructions for how to have the normal logo, or someone releases a Cydia tweak to revert it.

  • Dewaine

    Have a look here. And yess it requires ssh. Just get ifunbox for your PC. It does not require an internet connection to use, just your usb cable for your idevice.


  • Meeeeeeeeee


    Just buy an Android phone. I have a Droid and I like it a lot more than my iPod touch. The only reason i still use my iPod touch is because jailbreaking it almost brings it close to competing with Android.