I typically don’t dabble in the rumor pool, and Verizon iPhone rumors are about as useful as breaks on a Toyota, but I just had to pass along this little tidbit. A source contacted us, claiming to have new confirmation on the much talked about Verizon iPhone.

The source claimed they worked at a major network maintenance company, in Austin, Tx. There, they helped serve and maintain networks and servers for some of the largest companies in the states.

The story got interesting when they told us that at a budget meeting last month with Verizon, there was to be a drastic change in their needed services and costs over Q1 and Q2 of next year due to how much was being spent on the iPhone from Apple…

In short, they are pouring money in network upgrades to be ready for the iPhone.

Once again, normally this means nothing in the long line at the rumor mill, but when the source mentioned the name Solar Winds, this one got a little more interesting. Solar Winds happens to be big in IT Management software, and admits to working with the top 5  telecommunications company in the country. Also, a quick Google Maps search of the company, drops a pin on their campus right in the middle of Longhorn country (Austin, Texas).

That being said, I think I speak for everyone when I say I can’t wait until this thing is announced so we can all move on.

  • Austin Powers

    I signed a contract with AT&T on oct for a family plan, but I’ll be more than happy to break that contract the moment Verizon gets the iPhone. AT&T has been a drag for me since getting with them

  • Magic

    AMEN !!

  • Ken

    My att&t will get better when all the idiots move over to verizon and realize there all the same…. Att&t has been a+ fore me : )

    • David

      Yeah, those ‘idiots’ who can’t spell AT&T, or for, and don’t know the difference between there and their, right?


      • Z

        You mean “they’re” as in “they are”? =P

  • Zing


    • Z

      The joke of the article! Nice one dude, you cracked me up.

      • David

        MAYBE >___>

    • Zing

      APPLE IS A CULT! all hail the mighty Google Android!!

  • Ken

    I like fandroids trolling on an apple site…. Uuummm makes ya wonder…. F@&kin idiot ; )

    • Cris

      I second that 🙂

      • drew

        I 3rd that. lol

    • Thisdood

      Fourthed? O.o

  • CJ

    Referencing the Toyota analogy, I believe you meant ‘brakes’ rather than ‘breaks’.

    • ml

      He’s a closet iPhone fanboy!!

  • Mike

    Not to be a spoiler but, with the 4G LTE expansion with VZ that would explain this more so then simply just the iPhone. More people are moving into smartphones, tablets, and broadband devices in general. Verizon prides themselves on network quality as a whole, not just the vessel used on it. Just my opinion.